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Grow videos, posting of.

I'm feeling rather old in this you tube generation but I was wondering how secure or if anyone posts videos.

Ive seen it more and more and would like to link some of my own videos possibly.

I just would like to know if its done or is it allowed for instance on you tube in the uk?

I mean we on uk420 have best video competitions and ive seen some beautiful timelapse.

How is it uploaded?  and to what, and is it generally as safe as this what I'm already doing with pictures,  is my question

Many thanks


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You might get away with it, but....if you were to get caught, google would have no problem sharing what they know of the ip  associated with uploading that video(s), and the whens and wheres, if the police asked nicely... Basically you're compiling your own evidence for the eventuality that the police want to find out how long you've been at it. Do it on a phone and you'll give them everything they need to tie you down, along with that hypothetical bust.


Although, in that regard, any 'top level domain' (and other 'metadata' - data about data) that you visit on your connection will be stored on a database somewhere . That's the www.uk420.com/ bit. Get ready to talk about that if you get arrested, too. A VPN or similar is a must these days.


Really all sites like this should have a 'safe address'. Some innocuous address that actually forwards to the real infers-an-interest-in-drugs address.



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Sorry to labour the point, but there this  needs ramming home -


List of authorities allowed to access Internet connection records without a warrant -


Metropolitan Police Service

City of London Police

Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996

Police Service of Scotland

Police Service of Northern Ireland

British Transport Police

Ministry of Defence Police

Royal Navy Police

Royal Military Police

Royal Air Force Police

Security Service

Secret Intelligence Service


Ministry of Defence

Department of Health

Home Office

Ministry of Justice

National Crime Agency

HM Revenue & Customs

Department for Transport

Department for Work and Pensions

NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services

NHS National Services Scotland

Competition and Markets Authority

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Department for Communities

Department for the Economy

Department of Justice (Northern Ireland)

Financial Conduct Authority

Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004

Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Scotland

Gambling Commission

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority

Health and Safety Executive

Independent Police Complaints Commission

Information Commissioner

NHS Business Services Authority

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board

Health & Social Care Business Services Organisation

Office of Communications

Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland

Police Investigations and Review Commissioner

Scottish Ambulance Service Board

Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission

Serious Fraud Office

Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust

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I should have said I'm always behind a paid vpn and understand how to make an anonymous e mail. With my vpn I could make my ip have a Canadian ip which would be legal ?

I mean the world is changing lots of places its legal to grow now, not here granted.

That's a nice big list but take out any organisations you may work for which is standard if you use their connection.

That leaves basically the law, and I knew that anyway.

Strikes me if I'm behind a vpn , don't divulge any personal details , use an anonymous email. I'm as at risk as being on here.

Which I consider no risk.

I just don't wanna go to the bother of uploading vids to have them removed a month down the line and my threads littered with dead links.

Really I'm looking for the down low on the inside from people that do it or know of people doing it.

Is it more a usa thing ?


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Cool. Up to you then, I'd say - your thread model is your own, indeed. Forgive the not-quite lesson on egg sucking, Granny :)



Only time I've had video's taken down is copyright claims.


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The only time we'll be ever in danger of posting weed grows online is when gw pharma's forecasted sales figures bum out for there monopolised medical marijuana.  Then they'll come a knockin....they'll sponser a division of the police to target this.  Just as the banks do so with the protection they receive.  The police are probably purposefully turning a blind eye to weed preparing for easing gw pharma into the protection racket they run.

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