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First Grower SAys Hi

Hi everyone, I have decided to embark the indoor growing venture. I have got nearly everything to start and I tried to educate myself with books and internet but having a learning difficulty and ADD, I struggle processing and ingesting information when it is not structured in a certain way, therefore I was counting on some gentle soul(s) who would kindly answer some burning questions to get me started, in a thread.


Where do I need to post these very beginner specific questions (about seeds, pots, etc)please? I would like to grow with soil and organic.


Apart from that I have joined the forum because I hope to meet nice people with similar interests! I've been enjoying cannabis most of my life, I am very easy going, peaceful, friendly, philosophic, interested in everything, love books films and electronic music :-) 


Many thanks!

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well mate,  theres LOADS of knowledge on here from people who  have  many years of experience ... look through the posts ,  and any questions , just ask away ...

best of luck with your first grow too ... what are you planning on growing ?

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Welcome aboard, like vortex asked - what strains you have in mind? If you are unsure then perhaps tell us what kind of high you are after? 

There's a whole section on strains with information & people who can help you decide. :stoned: About the setup, I watched a few of the guides/documentaries on growing herb on youtube & of course from this forum. You'll soon pick up the basics, which is all you need to get some nice herb. 


A good place to get your actual environment sorted : http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/forum/97-growroom-design/

& general questions or if you have a whole bunch: http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/forum/170-general-growing-questions/



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welcome to the site mate, and good luck with your first grow.....

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welcome aboard, plenty of info on soil growing on here.


keep it simple, soil and water, nothing fancy for your 1st go


good luck



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Hi guys thanks so much for the warm welcome. My problem is the large amount of information not the opposite ;-)


I have these burning questions, if you can tell me where to post them please:


1. Strain Suggestion: I have 1 Easy Kush plus 1 Northern Lights and I'm looking to another couple of strains, mainly indica (the most indica the better), not tall (grow room is 160cm tall), suitable for a beginner.  Any suggestion? RELATED IMPORTANT QUESTION: Different strains have different vegetation and flowering times -- HOW CAN I PLANT FOUR DIFFERENT STRAINS IN THE SAME GROW TENT?


2. I have 2 x 40cm wide (35liters) pots = can I put 2 seeds per pot?


3. Why the seed needs to be placed in a small pot once germinated and cant go instead in the larger final pot? I have purchased some rooter starter compost cubes? How do I use them?


Many thanks for your help!

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