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Golden Syrup

Light spaces NOT plants

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On 9/1/2017 at 7:15 AM, botanics said:

This is interesting this see this leaving the lamp up top :g:  I've never done this way and always did a half metre under 600 in the past and now like it's tight in my box especially if I run at 400 but I did notice that with the halide lamp (never used halide in the past and only tubes for veg and sodium for bloom) and got used to it a bit, they absolutely benefit from being further away than sodiums.  Personally I put that down to the photon energy and colour temp of the lamp but I dunno enough about it all tbh :unsure: yeah really interesting this, but think I'm going to have to convert my box to run scrog moving forwards in order to keep the lamp off them enough...I feel some building and projects coming on lol 

I look forward to your trials, man. :yep:

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@Arnold Layne


It's looking like a bare bulb, stadium conversion at the moment mate after seeing the work ZZtopbudz is doing...really inspiring stuff tbh  :v:

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