Critical Jack

Green demon
By Green demon in Dinafem Seeds,
Having messed up my latest run of autos I found myself with not much to do and no cash so I thought I'd have a go at the free seeds I'd collected. Humbolt Amherst Sour Desiel X2 fem. Heavyweight Cheese fem. Greenhouse Exodus Cheese X 2 fem. Dinafem Critical Jack X 2. Nicole Kush X Moroccan regs.   Sour D, 1 seed did nothing, the other produced a seedling without a taproot and a malformed set of leaves, she got terminated. Heavyweight no go. NK X M still in paper towel.   All Critical Jack and Exodus Cheese popped and spouted tap roots within 24-48hrs. Here is a photo of my seedling propagator. Coffee machine as a heat mat and using the pot the seeds came in stuffed with kitchen towel.  
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