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Night Queen fems. Pure Afghan landrace

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Its chuckin it down outside. ThinknI'll stay in and get my diary started. Im a bit worried about the outdoor plants this summer with the weather so Im glad I've got a new tasty project indoors this



This is Night Queen. Unhybridised landrace indica. This is authentic. Im guessing that young Dutch dudes, Henk ?,  travelled to the Hindu Kush region and sourced the seed stock from tribal growers but I dont know. Actually it was Tin Tin though he was quite old by then, had a long beard and fooled the muhajadeens in skillful european fashion. Tin Tin handed the bag of seeds to 

Henk in exchange for an teenth of opium while both were detained briefly by the youthful and in those days rather playful charming bin ladin. Tin tin and bin liked getting high on poppy and made plans usually while horizontal. Henk too had plans and bravely bribing his tranvestite guardsboy with a thumb of cheap opium, he made good his escape on a honda 125 and seeds in a very safe place ( front light )



                                                                  5 Night Queen fems 2 weeks from seed







Every grow is another step that leads from the steps before. I have been wanting to flower some Night Queen fems for ages, since growing out NQ autos last spring. 


The autos were the best auto strain of Dutch Passion or any other brand that I have done so far. Lush rich fruit flavour, narcotic effect deep, great for night time, noticeably funky scent.


I've been growing fems and regs since then, mostly indica and my mother plants include a super Blueberry and a decent Blue Cheese pheno.


After the Blueberry my best DP fems are The Edge, amazing buds, spectacular growth and sativa up lifting high.


I really do want to slow down and settle with selected pheno from the seeds and stock that I  already have. Im looking for the best Night Queen and will hopefully do this over the course of  2 grows.


Ha, I know it will be longer.


I germed 5 of the femmed seeds as per DP recommended method ie straight in coco and clingfilmed at 25c

They all sprouted within 3 days so I have decided to use this method again for future, having been a seed soaker before.


The 5 Night Queens are vegging under t5 light till they can be flowered next month. At present they are lookin fine in 6in pots

and they've just been gently topped to stop them stretching too much under the flouros. 

So they have a good veg ahead of them. Im always trying to improve the environment and upgrade my kit when needed.

Its a long process learning and going wrong, thrips mites heating and cooling problems and learning to overcome them, 

has been miserable and wonderful at times.


Will give some info on the grow later but its very basic stuff. I hope to do a good job on selecting a mother plant from the 10 pack

Thanks for lookin in. Its nice to have a toke with ya




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Good luck Autodog ...pulling up a chair ..i grew Auto Night Queen and they were amazing ...

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Wow nice :) thankyou  @styer556 that's great to hear straightaway. I will look it up cos you keep neat diaries very informative great pics mate. Im a bit hammered on Glueberry OGfor this time o day. Do you keep mother plants of any strains ?

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Ill tag along for this one....enjoy watching your grows. :smokin:

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The Night Queens are veggin up nicely 35 days from seed under t5 flouros 

Have been in 5l pots of coco for a week + and strong roots are visible in the drain holes.

They've just had a trim and first tie down of 4 branches each.

2 plants had cutting taken for cloning. The other 3 will take cuttings as growth allows decent 2 to 3 inch cuts.




In advanced veg now. Am feeding 1ml per litre Canna Coco a + b

                                                             0.5 mil /  Cal +  Mag

                                                           1 mil / litre of ekompost snakeoil. I use it for luck, never know if it works.


My Killer subbies from @GreenVision I have 2 mothers of this and Im vegging up this cutting to flower with the

5 Night Queens. This Killer is also in 5 litre pot. 


The flowering cab cant be used for 2 weeks. The final pots will be 10 litre airpots, 9 under variable hps 400 - 1000 supplemented

by mars led, 370w draw. The space is 4ft  x 5ft. The plants can grow big without being cramped.

so will pot up

when space allows.

The remaining 3 spaces in the flower cab will be taken by King Kong, Big Buddha Seeds, a Gorilla Glue x Cheese

cross, will show you later.











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Turns out the Killerskunk x uk psychosis clone no 2 that  I put into  veg was from a male donor plant which has flowered outside. Cut it down in a mist of pollen.

I only have one female of the strain now which will have to wait 7 weeks to be flowered indoors



The 5 Night Queen fems have been in the flowering cab for a week starting on 13th Sept.

Lighted by the Mars 900 on the Grow setting. Lights on temps have settled to only about

23 C  so Im soon going to switch on the hps at 400w for week 2 of 12 / 12 to warm it up.

Lights off temps are supported by warm exhaust air from the veg cabinet to around 19 C.

Will be shopping for 2 tube heaters this week. Last winter my lights out temps were too

low, down to 12 c using just ducted veg cab air , not enough heat.




Very pleased with the vigour and growth of the Night Queen.

In 10 liter airpots. I flipped the lights soon as I saw roots at the pot bases after potting up from 5 litre pots.

Feed is 1mil per litre Canna Coco a + b, some cal and mag plus a little bio feed by e kompost. All good so far.large.1505478904865.jpg


This is one of 3 Big Buddha King Kongs. Grown from seed. I topped them too late hence not so well trained.

Not a bad smoke or yield but prefer the DP Glueberry. The KKs are also in airpots which were 15 litres but I have

cut them down to about 11 litres cos the 15s are too  big to lift with one hand. 

Just out of shot is a Blueberry, special one, the only Blueberry in the grow this time because of problems generating

rooted cuts from the mother plant. 

7 weeks to go. Settling into an autumn routine, altering air ducting to suit the declining temps.


Thanks for dropping by. Good luck to all:skin_up:


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8 weeks flower

large.1510132932970.jpgNight Queen fem

Apologies for rhe blurry pic, the less worse of many, was windy.

The NQ s  have provided a dark fruity skunky scent during flower.

Good firm buds nice and fat.


After 56 days flower the 5  NQueens are nearly there.

The pistils are mostly browned so

I inspected the trichs yesterday, they are massed and cloudy with many darkening and amber

on two plants. The  chop will start later today.



10 litre airpots, hand watered, coco

The 3 King Kongs, also from seed are a day or behind the 5 Night Queens. All have done well.

Some clones have been made of  the biggest budders from both strains.

To make up the group of 9 plants under 600w hps and Mars led I flowered a revegged Blueberry

which was chopped yesterday at day 55.

This has again showed me that revegged plants have less bud than the others. 



Every 2 -3 days,  25 litres from tap

Canna Coco a + b  1.5 mils per litre

1 mil per 10 liters ph down

3 mil per 10 liters cal and mag

Very basic low tech grow.


The Night Queens have really grown themselves, no probs despite some very high temps last month.

Have removed a sharp bend in extract duct to cure this.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out the grow. I'll be back here soon to make an early morning smoke report

in a few days

this morning Im toking my outdoor Durban Poison, fresh savoury breakfast smoke, sets me up jus dandy.




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The 5 Night Queen fems are dry but not cured.

I like to id the best plant from each pack of seeds. So far Ive sampled numbers 1 and two, the fastest to mature from seed about 58 days 

Good firm buds  nice size very strong full indica very relaxing but flavour didn't quite make it. The clones of these 2 have been culled.

Plant no. 3....

had my eye on this one through flower as having the funkiest smell.

trimmed up a few buds to smoke from this last night and it has some of the character Im looking for, complex deep insense like scent

in the grind and flavour. Good terpines,  is the first impression, cedarwood notes its oriental fascinating smells narcotic.

On the @AutoMaster wheel of weed I put the scent of the grindings strongly spicy and includes many complex notes earthy and woody

This is proper winter night time smoke its cosy and wraps you up 

.I expect the flavour to be very good after a week in the jar. 

Lets try a bluntie....

yeah...it washes over me like a nice radox bath... its a spiritual smoke.. flavour it has ripe fruit chistmas pudding and brandy. 

The Night Queen Autos I grew last year were very close to this and the auto version was very popular in the house.


We will see how this developes. Still have plants no. 4 and 5 to check out, the biggest yielders out of 5 fem seeds.

Feelin nicely smashed. Car is off the road. Just as well. Theres a few plants that need trimming for the feast.

Wishing a good day to you



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Woohoo!! Definietely one of, if not my favorite DP auto toke!! I still yearn for the toke i got off my first ANQ, which smelt of strawberry milkshakes!! Damn i miss that bud!

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@912GreenSkell yeah man the auto Night Queen is a top variety. The fems too. Very similar in growth and the smoke. To me its strawberry, brandy aroma. 

The deep indica effect is really noticeable, very relaxing, smooth high without an edge, a favourite smoke for mrs d.

These fems were ready from seed after a decent veg in 60 days 12/12 so Im guessing the clones would be done in 56.


I noted some variation not massive have saved no5 as the best for size and taste.


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Hi @autodog  all the best with your Night Queens. I've grown them twice and enjoyed them so much. A well named strain, perfect after a hard days graft. They get even better after a few months in jars, but I suppose that goes for most strains. NQ for me was a very relaxing, floral and calm experience,  enjoy your harvest :smokin:

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Hey Creeky, nice to see ya. We're enjoyin the night queen. Theres a few jars of nice bud on the shelf but the NQ seems to empty the quickest at the mo. Yeah, names are interesting and I agree this is well named, deep rich, feminine appeal says mrs d. Im likin the no edgy high, feels smooth. The King Kong is decent too, good size flowers, strong flavoursome smoke with good aroma. Would be very interested to know what you're growin,  cheers @old creekers

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Hi @autodog, oops meant to reply to you a while ago :smokin:


Sounds like you enjoying your smokes, Mrs d has good taste :)


I've got a couple of DP auto Orange Buds on the go with some HSO and dinafem at the moment. Got a diary going although it's been two weeks since update. On the case !!



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Hey @autodog...have you done the auto night queen outdoors at all mate?

They sound lovely....thinking of doing these in the greenhouse next season. 

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@old creekers hi, thanks, good to know what people are growing who have grown similar strains to mine, will enjoy seein whats in your grow  cheers  :cowboy:

@Cainedbutable yo dude, i grew the auto NQueen indoors but i think would do fine in the wild or the green house cos its indica . Chuggin on some Night Queen fem right now. 

Hope ya enjoyin your harvest :oldtoker:

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