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Thanks for getting back to me on the what nutes do you use question.


I very much don't want to hijack your lovely grow diary, so if you dont mind i will PM you at some stage for a bit of guidance. Currently doing my first grow using Coco, as well as Houses and garden nutes, and could really do with some advice.


Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, and i hope you get the "haul" of your dreams :)

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8 hours ago, teehee said:


Cheers Rab, as you say, it's a good way to keep track of your grows. I'll look forward to your solid advice and support!


Thanks VikingDee, I'm glad you like the pics ;)


Dog, thanks mate..... the new place is great, but we are deep in snake country.... Browns, Red Bellied Blacks and Pythons are present in huge numbers. Apparently there's a massive lizard that frequents the shaded side of the house and sits on the deck..... but he's still asleep so we haven't seen him...... yet


Cheers mate, the Landlord is back at the old place.... he didn't know we'd moved out so hes been shitting himself!


Mr Tibbs, nice to see you Bro..... yeah, I have always run H&G nutes, but usually Canna Coco professional plus. My usual supplier ran out of the Canna gear, so he sent me the H&G coco instead..... they seem to be very similar, I have had no problems using it, its lovely to handle..... feels good in the hands! 


Thanks for subbing Bucketboi..... there's a jar of Toofless Alien on the table there or you can have some Blue Automazar that I saved from a grow back in April 2016..... I'm having some now and its so fruity and smooth!


I tell you 912 bud, those seeds that Dutch Passion Tony sent me, they're pure gold! I just cant wait to start my next grow.... Gluebberry OG, Cinderella Jack.... and probably more Night Queen and maybe Pineapple Express..... all 20%+ THC strains.... but I'll have to wait till December as my folks will be coming over to visit in Nov...... hence the need for a big haul now and a high potency grow when they clear off! 


Today I went for a walk around the property.... a house on its own, on the side of a thickly forested hill with no passing traffic. It's so remote I feel like I'm in some sort of endurance reality show and I'll have to skin a Grizzly bear or eat some dingo testicles. There's so many good spots for an outdoor grow.... its just getting there..... off the track and through the thick grass, not knowing what beast lies underneath..... I'm gonna have to invest in some chain mail!

An outdoor grow will also have to incorporate some heavy duty protection from the wallabies that would love to chow down on some primo DesFrans. What I might do is get some photos going in the tent before the Oldies arrive then get them outdoors, wrapped in a cone of mesh and chicken wire for the remainder of their grow. December and January will be blisteringly hot so once the Parentals have packed their bags, I should be well on the way to getting some more bud!!! Its a crude plan but I will have to work on it!


I'm still smoking that Blue Automazar joint..... been curing in a blue glass jar with a Boveda 62 pack for 16 months! It's just pure taste, and I can't get over how silky smooth each draw is..... and I'm so stoned my tongue tip is really tingly and my eyesight is all blurred! Its Sunday night 12.20am, and I have a big day at work tomorrow, after having an exhausting weekend cleaning out the old place..... why do I do this to myself?

Have a good week everyone, good growing karma to you all!



Those daiquiris are certainly proving themselves to be big plants arent they!! Yeah i am really quite impressed with my cindy jack. Awesome toke


Wow your outdoor spot sounds amazing!! Can wait to see what you can do outdoors bud!!


Ive been talking for too long about having to try out some mephisto...going to try something mephisto out this winter in the stealth cab. Need a squat strain.


Nice 16 month cure...much colour change at all in the bud?




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See for yourself 912 Bro....


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Hey dude im still here lurking and learning,impressive stuff as always buddy,ive still not got around to autos lol but after having hermy issues with my 1st ever fem grow im back to square one with anything but regs..but man your still pushing me to give in and try one or 2..the D lime sounds so nice but......


Take it easy m8,happy growing



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On 8/14/2017 at 4:30 AM, mrtibbs said:



Thanks for getting back to me on the what nutes do you use question.


I very much don't want to hijack your lovely grow diary, so if you dont mind i will PM you at some stage for a bit of guidance. Currently doing my first grow using Coco, as well as Houses and garden nutes, and could really do with some advice.


Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, and i hope you get the "haul" of your dreams :)


Hey @mrtibbs PM away mate.  I had a look on your profile but couldn't see any diary, are you doing one yet? I'll be keen to see what you're upto! What are you growing?

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5 hours ago, Happy Hippy said:



Hey dude im still here lurking and learning,impressive stuff as always buddy,ive still not got around to autos lol but after having hermy issues with my 1st ever fem grow im back to square one with anything but regs..but man your still pushing me to give in and try one or 2..the D lime sounds so nice but......


Take it easy m8,happy growing




Mate, that's such a pain.... my first grow was Pineapple Chunk (reg fem from Barneys Farm).... so close to the end and she hermied on me, then I got major paranoia after 'threatening' a family friend who ripped me off.... (ahem), so I ripped the lot down, 11 weeks into the grow! Fuck I was pissed off. I left the UK (not for that reason) and got on with Autos, initially cos I wanted a quick harvest - expecting 1-3 oz per plant, but I was getting so much more than that, so I carried on, and the strains just get better and better..... if you're worried about below par strength, fear not..... that Night Queen is so mental, Mrs Tee won't touch it. The Lime is just going crazy, it is so big, and I expect the Glueberry OG seeds to produce monsters as well...... can't wait to crack some of them!


Go on @Happy Hippy do some Autos.... get your mojo back and get back to the regs later on! All the best Bro ;)

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Dude its your grows and a few others that have me interested,Vince Noir,Blackpoolbouncer and many more its not so much the strength as such its like i wont have any control no matter the light regime i really would be a duck out of water and after the fems maybe im being a bit harsh,i dunno.I would never stick a seed in a large pot cos it goes against everything i believed was the right way,potting on etc,also cos i have no idea what size pot to use etc etc in my last grow i flowered out in 3.5 ltr pots but from my reading these wont seem anything like big enough,again i just dont know...i have very limited headroom so would have to pinch out and maybe lst/supercrop as well


I got a MK ultra Auto as a freebie and i had a look on here and nobody i could find had a good word to say about it lol.as i said before its the lime tasting weed i would love although the strawberry one looks and sounds lush too


Hmm im really going to have to think about this,thanks buddy lol





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@Happy Hippy I've always said that growing regs is REAL gardening.... autos are for the non green fingered such as myself. I always hold the likes of @rabthegrower in high respect because of the way they nurture their plants and have perfect grows. I could never do that! Having said that, @blackpoolbouncer and @vince noir rock n roll star have autos sussed, you can't have better grow mentors there!


Anyway enough of the :notworthy:, my grow is on day 50 so here's an update.....


The tent is really filling out. Here they are as a group.


clockwise from front left: Toofless Alien, Think Different, Daiquiri Lime and Night Queen


Toofless Alien is the most advanced on day 50, with some great looking colas forming....



She's 90cm tall, on an EC 1.1 feed and will be ready for PK 13/14 very soon.



Here's her main cola, with a nice nice bit of frosting....



Night Queen is the next most advanced at day 49, again building some lovely colas.....



She's 73cm tall and is on an EC 1.1 feed. I've been giving her some Bud Ignitor to really get those flowers going.



This is her main cola.....



The big ones are at the back..... Daiquiri Lime, next, 48 days old, and still stretching, 97cm and counting! She's on the same feed as the Night Queen. 



Her colas are only showing early flowers, but man, there's shitloads of bud on the way! Here's her main stem tip.....



Finally Think Different, a whopping 97cm tall, no where near as bushy as the rest, but as she's only 37 days old, she is promising a nice big sativa harvest! I'm keeping her on an EC 1.0 feed.



She's 11 days younger than the Lime, but has more developed flowers!



It's been a warm week with temps up in the 30s :sweaty:.... and it's still officially Winter! :upside:


Have a good week, thanks for looking in!

Edited by teehee
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Oh ffs dude did you have too ? lol yeah i may go for it after seeing all the decent results you bloody auto growers are getting,lowryder its not hmm


Ok dude you sold me on giving them a try so considering i have only 100 cms of grow height this includes light and pots lol and i will have to top and bend everything going in,what would be the 3 best for my room in soil in 3.5 ltr pots or do i really need big pots to get a half decent yield ?


Im going to start bugging the autogrowers soon :smokin:


cheers man 




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Looking tip top in here bud, Im keeping an eye on this one, daquiri lime and toofless alien are on my very near to do list. Im just venturing onto mephisto stuff having popped a few hubbabubbasmeloscope that are on day 3 now. I keep hearing good things about mephisto so ill be watching this closely.

Doing a stellar job as always


@Happy Hippy rather than 3.5 litre pots, how about bigger pots but just train the plants to grow flat at pot level or just above..............loads of colas, short plant, big yield............just a thought. Get a thread over in autoflower section and we will work something out if ya wanna step over to the dark side


Looking forward to the heavy haul teehee. You wont know this but one of your grows was instrumental in giving me the confidence to say fuck the norm, Im gonna grow big yielding autos 

Seeing you do it gave me confidence in the fact it can be done with autos when so many say you cant.


A thousand can say you only pull a couple oz from autos............usually because they only pull a couple of oz from autos. 


I say different and im sure you'd join me

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Yeah man i think i will looking in and see whats going on,its about time i did something different cos even the 1st fem grow was just the same style my old way of doing things.


Its not like i dont know how to train em i spose i have always believed they dont respond well to topping and training but you and teehee and a good few others have proved that to be complete nonsense.


Yeah diude i will be around a lot in the future im sure,



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@blackpoolbouncer cheers mate, I lurk about on your stuff quite a lot, you are on the next level, and been an inspiration to so many more growers.... keep it up and good luck with the Mephistos. I have seen some beautiful Hubabubbasmalloscopes, you're in for a treat!


@Happy Hippy good man!!! I would go Dutch Passion, I think their strains are really stable, and can take a lot of punishment. One of the old problems with Autos is that they can stress easily, so repotting, topping, excessive trimming etc all resulted in shocked stunted plants. Not (as much) so with the Dutch Passion gear. A grower called Hazy does this thing where he has 2 seeds in a pot, and from word go, trains them horizontally each way, keeping the main stem growing out at as much as 90 degrees, allowing the side branches to grow upwards..... giving this kind of result.....



A good cropping shows how he trained them.....



That was a Blue Automazar. Funnily enough I am smoking  some right now, 16 months cured, and so fucking nice!


I really think Night Queen is another good one to try, she is mid sized, and has given me between 7-10 Oz per plant. 

The Dutch Passion site is pretty accurate in the descriptions, and the expected yields...... Daiquiri Lime and Auto Ultimate are rightly given an XXL rating, while you might wanna go for the XLs in your space. I'm also hearing good things about the Cinderella Jack. 


I wouldn't ask me for advice on soil, again, that's what I call proper growing, and I can't get my head around the uncertainty of the amount of nutrient contained in the soil at any given time. With Coco, I know what's in there, and can adjust the nutrients easily, plus I find its virtually impossible to over water with coco.


I have never been able to grow any kind of plant in soil. This was my soil effort..... don't laugh now!



Ogre 28 days




Northern Hog 28 days


I switched to Coco and it all went uphill from there!

You got skills Bruv, so stick with soil, I know you'll do the business!

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Dude thanks for taking the time to explain,yeah man im going to get my daughter to order a few and i will document my incompetence for everyone to see lol.


I did organic coco years ago too and after seeing your results i may have another go at it for autos only,im quite happy with soil growing and i have to agree although its maybe a bit more forgiving its also a real art to getting good crops.


A few of my seeds i planted look like your soil plants dude lol


thanks again buddy i fkin love this place and most of the people here are just so willing to help its fantastic.




eta i just had a quick look and chose 3 seeds to do,Lime of course lol,CindyJack and colorado cookies..going to order em tuesday.Now i have lots of reading to do lol

Edited by Happy Hippy
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On 12/08/2017 at 5:26 PM, VikingDee said:

Awesome grow. 


Ill chime in on that comment !!!!.................... The DL is hungry !!............... and the toothless parents where brought up on beef !!....... taking into account your water Ec is "0"...........")"........... she can handle the nutes............... and it looks like new cocco, due to move........ a joy to watch geez.................... you mention "Jungle" nr By  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AM   (Pm in post)


Adendum, thos horizontal canes, where done originaly by Insert name here, and hazy on AFN....... it a great crack. The draw back is, if you start topped em befoe 21 days or 4 internodes have grown. All but the most stable strains, will herm, due to stress........... you have to start before 21 days, to get that amount of topping in. before bows begin to stagger, as the plant (Fems) moves naturally to sexing, due to extended veg period, beyond 5 wks. Difficult to topp a staggered bow...............


Continue topping post bow staggering. Herm stress set in 2nd issue, as the plant tries to divide energy between root growth and bow set backs = stress......... i should know !!......... tricky few weeks upto 12/12 !! i usually get the centre and may be 4 shooter bows topped before nodes stagger etc.. any more and risky. Unless you know its F9 plus, and quite pure............... AM

Edited by AutoMaster
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Cheers @AutoMaster, the jungle's on fire at the moment, been so for a week now.....




Recent high winds and unusually high temps for winter, combined with the fact it hasn't rained in months means there's over a thousand bushfires blazing away in this state. This one is not out of control, a helicopter has been chucking big buckets of water on and around it, the volunteer firemen are on the case, and it is 'contained'.


It looks amazing at night..... we are in the hills, so there is no light at all at night, pitch black - just the stars..... but now there's a red glow that looks like lava flowing from a volcano......




Thanks also for the Hermie advice AM, that's some serious knowledge Prof!


It's day 57, and in terms of width and depth, the tent is full, and it ain't far off heightwise either. 




At the front we have the Toofless Alien on the left which is 70cm x 70cm wide and 90cm tall..... taking up exactly a quarter of the tent, and the Night Queen on the right which is 70cm wide x 50cm deep and a little shorter at 72cm high. 

At the back, the big bushy Daiquiri Lime on the right is 85cm wide and 90cm deep and 101cm high, while the Think Different on the left is the tallest at 105cm but is is has less width at 55cm giving the Lime a bit more room. 


I would really like to stake out the Lime, but I can't because there's no space :(


Let's start with the Mephisto Toofless Alien.... my second go at her, and once again, a monster plant....




She is officially day 57 and has plenty of sweet smelling colas forming.....




Here's her main cola.....




My last Alien went to 89 days, so this one has at least another 30 days left to fatten up!


I am giving both the Alien and the Queen an EC1.0 feed with 0.5ml/L Top Shooter, a PK 20/9 late flowering booster used for the last 3 weeks in increasing amounts. The rest of the feed is made up of the usual A&B, Cal Mag, Roots Excellurator, Multizyme, Bud XL and Bud Candy. 


Night Queen is also well into flowering....




....and at day 56 has another 4 weeks left in her. Once again she has that lovely Nesquik strawberry milkshake powder smell!!!




The Daiquiri Lime is the least developed in terms of flowering, but is HUGE. It's hard to get a photo that really does her justice.... you need to move around her to get a feel of how much there is of her..... a video would be better.


This is the best I can do, a view from the front door.....




..... and a side door view.....




She obviously will go longer (a previous beast of mine went to 97 days), so has spent more time in veg mode, and is now getting on with flowering. I am giving her an EC 1.0 feed with PK 13/14 Top Booster at 1ml/L and all the other stuff except Roots Excellurator - for some reason, you don't give it while giving PK 13/14.:readtherulesbuddy:

Not being able to stake her out right now is gonna affect her yield, but I will get a chance to let her stretch out once the Night Queen and the Alien come down. I have chopped away all her feeble lower stuff, but may have to thin her out up top to let the light through. I have been resisting so far, just removing any yellowing leaves as they appear. 


Finally the Think Different, almost 2 weeks younger than the others, but really getting into flowering. I also have her on PK13/14 but at a slightly lower EC 0.9.

Again, it's hard to get a decent picture of her as a whole, 'cos she's so tall!




She really stretched, but has time to fill those long stems with thick sticky colas! Previous TD's have gone to 85, 92 and 100 days, and this one's only 44 days old.... she's not even halfway there!!!




I'm pleased I am keeping the EC lower, she's looking very healthy!


Thanks for checking things out down here :upside:, good growing karma to you all!


Edited by teehee
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