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New Strain Grow DP's SWEET PASSION FRUIT Automaster

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just back for an update on the sweet passion fruit ...  smoke test and overall outcome... she is a superb and robust plant that i would say adequately combines the vigor of the parents with an abundant resin production, and to profuse aromas, as described above, on the terp wheel. Additionally, is well capable of its bouquet, worthy of its rank. Its sweet and afrutado flavor is of the most valued by gourmets of the Cannabis flavones.......... a delectable delicate, Voc combination. not to dissimilar from another high strain sativa train from the zamal, La Reunion - Sativa.


An enjoyable rounded vape, the sweet passion fruit, comfortable middle ground, nice, rounded, sustained sat dom head,....much clearer with no carbon monoxide or dioxide from tobaco masking the real terps !!........... goes well, "SPF", after i have had a blunt vape with it, with the davinci  canna vapo.  The SPF matches well, my passion fruit vape liquid, 6mg, 50/50 pg/vg.......... 20w, hi flow !!............. the two, together, you barely can tell the difference in flavor, just one knocks you sideways the other dont !!....delectable overall............an easy plant to trim as sat dom,..... and above average yield.  They where all 100% female photo fems, and gave 100% germination. using the dutch passion best method germ, dp's web side video's......... theres a link from DP home page right now for the passion fruit write ups.....


The power plant and outlaw also yielded XL. But was expected !!............. as trusted as oxygen !! and my house wiet............ Btw, just out of interest, la reunion pure sativa, mentioned above. Is also of Mexican "Oaxaca" inheritance. Which is also in the Dutch Passion strain, Defran "Destroyer"............ DesFran, of Mexican 3-way crossing of Mexican "Oaxaca", Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai.


This is the write up below, on seedfinder.eu....... for this strain, when it was 1st released, not that long ago now........ i can vouch for the comments in total below, seedfinder review............. as a destroyer victim !!!!!!!!!!! aint that the truth..... that's a 9.83 outa 10 public seedfinder.global vote,........... and for good reason. i just vaped a ml of passion fruit vape juice, just thinking about that summer Destroyer high.... i can barley see the screen through the white fog !!!!!!!!!


DesFran 100% Primordial sativa, 14yrs line bred, so falia14+. 100% stable, high drought tolerance, but would drink more than a normal sativa, high nute, and heat tolerance, as was the sweet passion fruit, during the grow out stress testing, and had hint of the destroyer terps combi on the pallet.


seedfinder write up destroyer

Flowering Time Indoor: 77 - 97 days (~87 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is insane high and absolutely top yields.
General Impression Indoor: is all together insane strain - absolutely recommendable.
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed insane strong and very long lasting.
Votings of our users: Destroyer gets 9.83 of 10 possible Points in the average!



Sweet passion fruit, super ripe, 40% amber............. XXL below;



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Not enough siad about passion fruit !!
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