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Caterpillars 1 week before harvest

I was just telling @Peregrine the other day how insects have been taken care of since relocating one of my WW Autos...


Clearly spoke too soon as I've discovered loads of little caterpillars eating away at the inside of my bud. The damage is minimal so far but the cats are tiny.


I've removed about 15 of the tiny buggers and can't seem to find more but very unlikely I've cleared them all. If I leave them, they'd probably grow over the next few days and eat away at more of my bud.


I'm about a week or two max from harvest, and spraying neem oil or anything on the plant is likely to affect my buds too.


There's a lot of poop :wallbash:


Any suggestions?





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Little buggers mate! I would say all you can do is pick them off, would not recommend spraying anything as you say.

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@nudger36 Yeah man that's what I've been doing and seems like the safest bet. Bastards must be loaded.

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Can be used all the way to harvest as long as you don't apply during the last 3 days.... 


  • No residues of azadirachtin detected in NZ trials three days after application.

Active Ingredient

Contains 10 g/litre azadirachtin A in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

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