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Glueberry OG

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Im trying out the DP Glueberry OG, new strain released last year based on US genetics. Gorilla Glue, not sure which, x unnamed OG crossed with the  Blueberry. Other breeders also using Glue genetics for new hybrids. Im interested in new strains of canna and Blueberry hybrids. Im looking for strong, tastey and good smelling big buds. 

These two Glueberry s were given a good long veg under  t5 and hps 

Grown in coco handwatered, Canna a+b

Potted up to 10 liters expecting to flower at 600 -1000w.

But was way too hot and had to dial down to 400w so the plants look small in the pots.


These pics are from day 55 at 12/12

They've made good bud compared to the rest of the grow which included Blueberry



The buds smelled quite strong with grapefruit to melon scent. Today is day 60

and they will be chopped. The pistils were mostly browned when I looked last

night. I will get some day 60 pics before I chop them to show you later.



The Glues grew neat, topped and trained with 3 or 4 main branches. Didnt need much trimming

during flower , little side branching. Above is a clone Glue from the smaller plant of the two. In

veg, 6l airpot. All plants are fed 1mil a+b in veg. 1.5 and then up to 2 mils per liter in flower.

Unfortunately I lost the clone from the bigger of the 2 Glueberry s.

Hope to get back to this after I hang the stems  in my mini drying cab and get us a nice sample

to smoke. I like the fresh tasteing bud and a short cure of a week or 2 in jars after a week drying

I will be sampling this straight away though.

For comparison I have a couple of Big Buddha Gorilla Glue hybrids ready to start flowering soon.


 One more single skinner of Orange Hill Special - lovely zesty sunny day smoke for summertime -

and I will try and get some work done. Its strong stuff  kinda heady, but I can still autodog about quite successfully.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day

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large.1500469304781.jpg Glueberry OGs were chopped yesterday at day 60. 




large.1500469306142.jpg   large.1500469305870.jpg


The buds are drying in a small cabinet vented by 4 inch RVK running at tickover with carbon filter attatched. Just enough space to deal with a 600 to 1000w grow if full.





Too hot during flower late June


High temps during flower, I dialled down to 400w and added  Mars led.

It's called a Mars 900 and draws about 380w. Need to use it on its own to really know if its working. Most nights I could keep temps down to 32 c with full power fans and 16in oscilator plus 9 "  fan blowing

straight up at the hps in parabolic shade.


Heat stress results in noticable reduction of thc produced by hot plants.

Dutch Passion are making comparative tests of led and hps grows measuring thc production and finding that the high temps of  some hps grows are less potent.


My Glueberry s got most heat stressed during early flower, before I upgraded lights and venting. Hoping they didn't suffer too much.

Will have some smokeable bud after the weekend, will be back soon to stoke it up



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Looking tasty mate. I guess the prof is in the pudding so I am looking forward to your smoke report.


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Hi @Bucketboi I reckon this strain has some merit.


It takes me ages and more than one grow for me to get to know the different plants, so dont take much notice of any of my comments.


After hanging for 4 days it was noticable that the buds were a good big size with  no waste small buds. Plants were grown to 4 main stems and trimmed lower growth 1 third.

So very good on bud shape and size and looks like medium or better for overall yield, very satisfactory looking.

The buds are still  soft and damp inside but they grind enough to smoke and not too cloggy in the grinder.

Uncured test smoke - I absolutely love this moment :) months of work has been done not knowing what may result.


ok most striking is the strong smell of the fresh ground herb. It was noticeably floral grapefruity melon in flower. In the grinder it smells floral still

but much deeper and darker like rich marmalade herby notes of fennel floral geranium to grapefruit.

hmmm the taste of the neat smoked bud is smooth and already has a distinct flavour deeper than Blueberry reminds a bit of UG Blues or Dinafem OG 

certainly up there strength wise and hesitated to roll another blunt. The kitchen reeks of weed. Retreat and turn out lights. Phew. Dont want to get busted by the Postie delivering



Will return to this when she's dry and had a week or 10 days in the jar. The sweet spot I think, preferring fresher weed and not more than a few weeks stored in jars. My taste.

So a promising strain and very pleased with the result. :oldtoker:

Edited by autodog
stuck to sofa !

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hahahaha I like your style mate.

I always seem to need a few runs to make the genetics shine so be good not to throw too much stress her way this time.

Well that's the plans 

good luck with your couch self extraction and already miss having some on hand


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@Bucketboi cheers boi yes I too think I've let my plants get too stressed with heat and maybe to the limit on watering to spare my time. I need to smooth out my grows

and get the detail better.

Always love the new smokes the best for a while. Am growing this again in clone atmo and keepin a mum as long as I have space.



Clearing the decks a bit cos I have fresh seeds from Dutch Passion to veg up for my autumn grow notably Night Queen fems. These score high in recent thc tests by DP.

The auto version of Night Queen is my no. 1 auto knockout royale !



Back to the Glueberry OG yes a bit of a belter I think, will enjoy seein how this developes taste wise. Like all the DP stuff I have grown, shoots up, grows itself, big buds.


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Awesome job bud!! Hope you are doing well!


We had a very rough summer with crazy amounts of rain and very high humidity and i lost much of my glueberry OG to mold...salvaged an ounce and tossed 60% of bud to mold...oh well!! The smoke is awesome, but mine smells more like pine mint or perhaps menthol...very nice smoke!!

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Hi 912 hope the summer gets better for you @912GreenSkell.Sounds like an early harvest.  It's been raining here since July ! Thank for your thoughts on the Glueberry OG. Yeah I thought i tasted a herby savoury note in there. Its still curing. Will bring a couple of buds out later a give her ano5her smoke test tomorow.

I have a cut going in veg and may grow it out again cos she's a good strong performer.

Im lookin for something as wonderful as my best Blueberry which has real charm all round. Thanks for recommending it to us last season.

Raising a spliff to cheer us to a fruitful harvest !   



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Ahh i should mention this was the Glueberry OG auto i am referring to...ended up with 40 grams after a 60% toss to mold. By the time it reared its ugly head i couldnt flush it out fast enough and the 80%RH with near constant rain porked her good. :D Shit happens!!

Edited by 912GreenSkell

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@912GreenSkell bud rot and autos, I know this often determines the early chop. Still 40g woulda been a good 

result for an outdoor auto round here. Will be interested to know which is your favourite auto this year. Cheers

dude :)  gotta keep smilin thru the rain - haha its tipping down again !





The plants were cut at 60 days but up to 65 might have been ideal

Still not 100% cured, a little moisture still in the jarred buds probs a good 2 weeks in jar..

Buds are all a nice size and decently firm

Medium to dark green hues to the buds..

Smell from the grinder is devine... check automaster wheel of smell ...mmmm geranium eucalytus tres narco

Relight the blunt....def high notes like tee tree and yes eucalytus

Its a real indica properly couch locky. Medium strong smelling so more an evening smoke.

Definitely a good strong stone 

The DP glue is very likeable,grows itself you cant go far wrong with this one.:skin_up:










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Yeah this season was torture!! LIkely close to a UK summer i would guess....the first 45 days it rained 35 and we only got 3 days with actual sun....the only nice days it was 80%+RH. Best auto performance was Dinafems AWW XXL which pulled a sweet 138grams dry. Cream Mandarin and Moby Dick both also performed quite well in the shit conditions. Also cindy jack performed quite well and was a surprise from the partial sun garden pulling 30 grams dry with minimal mold.



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2 biggest letdowns was cherry bomb and glueberry, both pulled quite a ways early due to mold, and more than 50% was scrapped from both...cherry bomb would have been a monster if i could have let her finish....pulled 2oz from her after the mold scrap.

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@912GreenSkell yo 912 sorry to hear it aint been a great summer your way. Same all over like you said. Only a couple of  good outdoor plants this year for me the best are my Blueberry and Frisian Dew. Green Poison fv doing ok too but its not g8nna be a bumper harvest, though I'll be very happy with  a handful of dry outdoor bud. :)


Back to the Glueberry OG



It's been curing in the jar about 4 weeks

Cant fault this and would regrow it . Its a great yielder very robust neat plant and soundly stoning, good indica

The flavour has developed with cure to a rich taste between fruit berry and citrus.

quite sweet good rich aroma. A clone would prob finish in 8 weeks i guess. Very nice strain absolutely sound

with much virtue. If I hadnt lost the clone of the best plant it would be in the next grow starting 12/12 next week.

Compared to Blueberry, I think the Glueberry OG may be stronger in effect but not so sweet in taste. The smell from the

Glueberry jar is very good, from the grinder too,  slightly sour can tell it means business :fart: phew


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This Glueberry OG is still growing in my greenhouse. It's close to the chop but I'm leaving it a bit longer as there's not much sign of mould. I originally grew three but I gave two away to a mate who flowered them indoor under a 600w. He got 8 oz but lost 3 to bud rot - totally his fault as he had no fan in the tent! The remaining bud was a very pleasant smoke. So much so that I've 8 cuttings ready to go 12/12 in a week. I'll do a separate thread for them.



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@autodog was gifted one of these last night by a friend so went looking for a diary and found yours, very encouraging smoke report mate :) I've never run a Dutch Passion auto and have wanted to for awhile after  @912GreenSkell 's good experiences with them :) 


ATB :oldtoker:

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