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When and how should I flush my auto kush. First time grow

My autoflower kush is on day 47. It says harvest on day 60 but I know that that is a loose guide rather than a set in stone statement. know I have too look for changes in colour and shape to the tricks to determine when to chop .My question is when should I start to flush if I'm expecting to harvest around the 66 day Mark?  Also do I flush every 2 days for a week then no water for a week or so till the chop? Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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@Scousemuzz Hi mate. You need to give a few details on the grow, soil / coco or hydro. Plus we need to know what your feeding them as some nutrients require a little more attention with flushing than others.


And without seeing the plant in a picture it will be very difficult to tell you when to start flushing. If you say your day 60 into an autoflower for example most would say start flushing if feeding heavy non organic nutrients, but in reality you could be 3 weeks from being ready.


Get a pic up mate. A list of nutrients and what your growing in and yu will get the answer your looking for.  :yep:

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