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growing from seed

Ive recently ordered some seeds and just waiting on their arrival. Ive never grown from seed before,i have always had a mother and taken cuttings so im not familiar with the process of growing from seed so i have a few questions and would appreciate any help given.

ive done a bit of reading online and from what i have gathered you place them in a glass of water till they sink and them transfer into a damp paper towel till the root pops out then its ready to be transplanted inot media.. is this the best method?

once transplanted into pots where do i go from here? do i give them light from the get go? if so what light cycle? what about nutes or just plain water? i normally use coco pro + as my media is this ok to use for seedlings? or something else?

what temps are the ideal temps for them?

any help appreciated thanks

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I would watch how long you soak em for if you decide to go down that route. If the seeds are not more than a few years old you don't need to really. To much moisture early on can rot the inside of a seed. 


I usually use a little h2o2 in the water I soak my paper towels and jiffy pellets with. I leave them folded in damp but not soaking kitchen roll until seeds split and tap root appears (12-36hrs). I then transfer to moist but not soaking jiffy pellets (5mm-8mm deep is about right) and propagate with vents open. Ideal temp about 25 degrees. 


If the seeds are old, or are small grey little things I would soak. 


Just remember that o2 is needed as well as moisture and the correct temp and you won't go far wrong. 


Also have a search about, there are other methods. This does suit coco well though, I believe a lot of soil growers plant directly into a medium in a pot rather than a jiffy.  

Personally I have more success the jiffy way. 

I leave the light on 24 above the propagator, but only because where it is located I am unable to give an uninterrupted dark period. If I could I would have it 20/4.

I leave em there on plain water, until first true leaves appear, then pot into coco and move to grow room on a low feed, root accelerator, and 250 metal halide light on 18/6. I then build up to brighter light, does not want to get to dry until they are bigger, 60 % humidity is good. 


I think that answered all your questions,  there is plenty more info on other methods, and more detailed explanations if you have a search on here :)


Some other examples are in that thread... 


What seeds did u go with? 




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@DirtyCola cheers buddy for your help.. the seeds came yesterday i soaked them over night for around 9hours only 3/11 sunk but i took your advice and didnt want to leave them in the water too long.. they are currently in damp paper towels now will leave them undistirbed to do there thing will check them tonight.. once the tap roots show im going to place them straight into coco in some small pots inside a propegator.. did you say you gave them light from the get go pal? thanks again for your help 


i have gone with seeds peyote cookies from barneys farm bud

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Yeah I do, make sure coco does not dry out though...

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Keep it simple dude,  place seeds on top of damp but not soaking coco, cover with a little few crumbs of coco and place in prop somewhere warm.  I always have light on for others but no need until you see them start appearing.  

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I agree with 007 about simplicity.


I never got the whole paper towel method. Moving a seedling at its most fragile stage from a paper towel to whatever medium you chose makes absolutely no sense to me.


My method is to put in a glass of tap water for around 24 hours. Regardless of if they sink or float after that stage i transfer them to the medium (before any of the seeds have broken)  


I have done maybe 50 seeds, and have only had about 3 not pop. In summer when air temp is good i dont even bother with a humidity dome. I only use a dome if i feel i need to keep temps up. Humidity dome is needed more for clones. 


I feed nutes from about day 7.... and i use an inert medium 

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cheers for you help guys.. i placed them in glass of water then into damp paper towel, every seed germinated some faster than other now there in coco and flying up i have just being watering them a tiny but with a pipette squirting the coco with plain water.. im wondering when i should start adding nutes? cheers again lads 

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I always start seeds off in a little plastic cup 3/4 filled with coco and lightly dampened.

Just poke a pencil about 15mm 20mm down and chuck the seed in and cover.

Never had any hassle this way and have never bothered with all this glass of water and paper towel method as the more you fuck about with a seed once the husk has started to soften and the tap root has come out its just asking for trouble.

Keep it simple 

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Hey guys, keeping it simple, can I just put seed straight into 12 ltr pot with led running 18/6 after tap root is out? 



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