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one plant, two light periods

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Well done for trying mate, was great to see :yep:


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i wouldnt jump to conclusions too quick.   change to flower nutes, bit of stress or shading from the above growth is easily enough to cause some pre flowering /pistils on the lower branches, even under 20/4.    strain dependant of course.  what is the strain by the way?







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Week six.


On ‎14‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 10:31 PM, Amarillo slim said:

what is the strain by the way?

The variety is Smile F2 they are subscription seeds

I believe its 8-9 weeks flowering. Whether its 8-9 weeks from the start of flowering or the switch to 12/12 im not sure


i hope theres only 2-3 weeks left on this branch ive gone two months without bud and times starting to drag




Main plant



Some branches on the main plant are now showing flower clumps, il try to describe it

I topped the main plant awhile ago which left six nodes or pairs of branches on the main stem.

The branches directly above the branches i poked into the flower room are mostly showing flower clumps while the opposite side of these pairs are still in veg mode.


Flower hairs


still veg



Il post more pics next week








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Its interesting that the main plant is now looking to be in full flower when its supposed to be in veg mode, this can only mean flower hormones are mobile. Whats really got me thinking though is what would happen if you say flip the main plant to 12/12, when would flower start? Would it take longer to mature, or shorter, or the same time? You could even flip the main plant but keep a branch in veg mode lol 


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