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Badgers 2Critical Diesel a Dinafem Diary.

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Hey 420,


I can't get going with these Dinafem gem's but did a video introduction to lay it out plus I'm going to be running through some of the build up here.


Here we go then video intro.....



Best wishes and good luck to every entrant indoors or out.


I'll be back soon,bye.

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Hehe rather cool.

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@Badbadger very cool intro mate, I think I will throw in the towel at this stage lol


ATB with the grow and the comp too :oldtoker:

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@tokenroll thanks mate but I'm extremely time rich and sadly being without weed at the mo I end up spending days and days doing shit like that lol every bit of it was done on a Galaxy S5 though the world's best dinosaur of a phone!


@Fragg you have no reason to worry my friend your quality and thoroughness is far superior to a thrown together group of gif's I didn't make along with Dinafem videos I "borrowed" from their website (shhhhh dont tell mark!)


The oil is still helping me sleep by the way but man I could do with a smoke during the day!


I've got a real nice plan for when I do the Remo's buddy and as I said will be keeping the best 2 for mum's so we may cross paths sooner rather than later I hope.

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@Badbadger hehe I was thinking I'm sure I've seen this in a video before lol Mark will be too baked to tell mate so no worries ;)


Delighted the CBD oil is helping with sleep mate, I know only too well what its like to battle on with life with shit nights kip thanks to pain, I havent tried my little bottle as yet,  I'm saving it for lean times should a grow or two fail for whatever reason. I'm just having some Haze CBD as I type to keep my CBD levels up and about to switch to some Jack 47 to send the socks into the stratosphere :D Wish I could pass you a spliff! :skin_up:One day we will chat over a cuppa and a spliff or 3 I feel sure :yep:


ATB my friend :oldtoker:

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Firstly thank you for getting this grow diary up and running :yep:


Secondly thank you so much for taking the time to make such a killer intro video, this must have taken some time and very much appreciated! 


Thanks again for starting your diary, best of luck with the grow and I'll be along for the ride :bong:


Until the next update :)


All the best 



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loving the video mate, if this is setting the standard for the grow comp then I'm pretty much fucked before I start. 


Good luck with your grow, hope all goes well. 


Cheers TD

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hey 420 and hi @Dinafem-Mark,

I've finally got to the actual start of my diary competition and I've been looking forward to it ALOT.


A massive thanks to Dinafem for the support and generosity they've shown to members here but the real star of the show and deserving of our endless gratitude is Mark who single handedly drives everything Dinafem here at 420 and does it with the utmost respect,you Sir are a true gentleman and I thank you profusely. 



I chose Dinafem Diesel as I've yet to find a Diesel I havnt liked and Dinafems genetics should add another layer of class and quality to the smoke..






I opted for Critical 2.0 as quite simply it looked great,had some fine reviews and sounded right up my street so hello Critical +2.0 ...





Time to layout the grow at which point you'll realise everything I do is done with as little financial outlay as possible so marvel at my scrooge like madness and enjoy the show,first up..


As no one can agree which light is THE type I built my "cover all the bases" light which is a mix of 2 x Mars Hydro 145w (act) with 9 x 35w CMH G12 Philips Mastercolor  Elite bulbs and once flipped will add a Lumii 450w HPS for that extra kick.

Both of the Mars and every 35W CMH Digital Control Gear is individually switched so I can adjust canopy cover ensuring a really balanced canopy by adding or removing light accordingly.

All in with the boost of HPS I have 1050w (actual) that covers pretty much every spectrum of light I can think of.It also creates uniquely crazy light effects that confuses my eyes and camera lol

Here's my LED/CMH mad mash up....




It's not perfect but Ive learnt that strength and crystal production is always first class,take a look at some shots from previous non Dinafem grows -




I'm hoping for big things from Dinafems finest and unlike the other grows where I kept training at a minimum to tune my set up I'm going to train the shit out of these fine ladies making the most of the genetic quality.


I use a cheap Manrose 6" Home extraction fan that's built with heavy duty bearings and is whisper quiet at full power.


Because it's a cheap fan (£16) it works well with those cheap £10 speed controllers that you plug  into with a dial.

It's blowing into a 6" Ram carbon filter and together works perfectly well for my space and enviroment.


Both strains will be grown using my version of a wick pot system combined with an adapted screen basket,not a true scrog,the addition of angled side wires to train them across the screen and up the walls wasting as little light as possible is my twist on it and minimises height that can cause issues with wicks.

I'll do an update with photos once I've set the basket up and the plants have gained enough height to feed into it.

Compost will be Plagron Royalmix with Alga Bloom and Alga Grow alongside If needed,its a simple way of growing but Plagron products are of good quality for the price and Royalmix contains enough slow release Organic nutrition that it should go the whole way pretty much.

Pots will be dressed with live Sphagnum Moss to retain more moisture at the top of the pot which is an issue I've found with wicks as the top layer of compost can get really dry from the roots drawing fluids lower down nearer to the sump affecting the roots in the top 3rd of the pot causing early low down yellowing in its older branches.

Using Royalmix should cover most of the grow nutrient wise leaving the wicks to handle H20 only in the main but they can be fed through wicks to.


Using a wick system means the plants can control how much water they want and when they want it cutting out alot of the watering guess work.

There will be 6 plants per 3ft long sump with 2 air bubblers in each to keep O2 levels high and stopping any nasties developing.


I do have small individual sumps to hand incase a plant needs a little extra one on one care and nutrient adjustments.

My tent is 1.2m X 1 2m x 2m and is of the cheap as chips type but it works well enough and gives me plenty of space to move around which isn't easy when you can't stand up to well.


I soaked 3 Critical and 2 Diesel beans for 12 hrs and put them straight into John Innes nos 1 that was well moistened and kept at 24c.

They sprouted under 2 Philips Tornado 45w CFL's that are great bulbs for seedlings and they broke ground within 48hrs so day one is 1st August and we're at day 34 today.

As expected I had no issues germinating these and they came up fighting fit from the day they popped.


They were repotted on Thursday into Plagron Light and next time will go into final pots with Royalmix and fitted with the wicks that again will be in a seperate update with photos.

These plants are part of my multi-strain  Xmas grow and theyll be vegging mainly under LED to keep them compact while a couple of the other girls catch up (mainly the brave little Dinafem Remo!) but then it'll be all guns blazing.

Here's a photo run through of life so far for them including some fresh shots from yesterday when we had Sun lol

and they're looking healthy and strong,all at planting..




first up Diesel...





Now the Critical 2+0..





So we're well under way now and Im estimating itll take a steady 4-5 week veg to fill my screen basket but I know things are going to get hectic so grab a seat,sit back with a smoke and marvel at how I ever actually manage to grow smoke at all lol


This is a ridiculously wet and boring Sunday but all parents should be cheered by the fact the school holidays are nearly done :bong:


Respect to you all and have a top day whatever your up to.

Edited by Badbadger
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Brilliant presentation @Badbadger I hope your grow goes well, I do love a bit of Diesel myself!

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Fantastic - UK420 needs more videos! I like a bit of diesel too :) best of luck with the grow, I'll watch with interest and can't wait for your next instalment. 


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Nice vid @Badbadger, that looks like a great start, I'll sit and watch from here if there's a spare chair somewhere:skin_up:cheers.Jj.:yinyang:

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What a great way to start a diary (someone is in it to win it) :)


Great start mate and we at Dinafem are really excited to see what you can do with our genetics ;) if it is anything like the opening posts we are in for a great show and one I'm happy to be along for the ride :)


This is going to be an epic grow which is already off to a great start :)


Both the critical+ and diesel are looking great and vegging really well :) nice dark green and no viable deficiency in sight :)


Can I ask how are the Remo Chemo doing as a few members have had germination and slow veg issues?


So far excellent start to the grow and presented beautifully :yep:


Thank you for the added pictures very much appreciated and keep up the great work! 


Until the next update :bong:


All the best 



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Top job on the update mate they are all looking spot on under your care and I'm looking forward to seeing the scrog screen fill out over the coming weeks! 


I'm glad the kids are back at school as it means work gets easier for me but what is really weird for me is I haven't got any kids to send back to uni/school, for the first since 1992, as they have all finished!! :yahoo: Damn that took awhile lol 


ATB with these my friend :) 

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Great post mate and I'm also looking forward to this scrogg basket thingy. Sounds good and your plants look nice and healthy.  :yep:


A nice spread of different lights they're going to have too. Good luck :)

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Hey 420,

After kicking this diary off last week it barely feels like I've taken a breath and it's update time already.



We're on grow day 39.

The Diesel and Critical+2 are all at an early stage but have been settling into new homes after the repot last week.




24HRS MAX 27.1C MIN 23.5C



Obviously there's very little of anything exciting as always when vegging and especially before they're tied into the screen but there's still alot of setting up work to do.



Final pots this time round are going to be 8inch squares.Ive decided on these to make full use of the sump's shape whilst maximising the amount of media for the plants in what is really a relatively small pot.

It's also the reason why I went for Plagron Royal Mix over Batmix as the Royal is stuffed to the rim with slow release goodness.That means every cm/2 is packed with goodies for them along the way.



I still have to build the wick rings for all the plants,its basically a wire ring that sits at the soil surface and has all of the wicks attached to it to ensure the wicks run all the way through from top to bottom and through the right part of the medium.

I will be doing a full photographic  run through from start to finish of putting all the pots together so hopefully it'll help make sense of this gibberish you guys will be trying to understand and scratching your chin at!



I have topped both Diesels and Critical2's at the 4th node to give me 2 pairs of branches,one of which will veg upwards and a pair across the screen where they'll be wrapped around each other and woven into the net.

Fluid wise they've had pretty much the same at 600ml every 3 days so a bit less than the Remo.It was aired H2O with Plagron Alga Grow at 1ml per litre.I only add the grow nutes as a trace to provide a basic,stable level of nutes to help prevent burn if an increase is suddenly needed. 



As with the Remo once they're repotted into the final Wick pots they'll get a dusting of Mycorrhizal  fungi and a dose of Fishmix to stoke up the root growth to help rooting around the wicks.

As im sure youve seen I've added a couple of colourful space fillers as it brightens up what is in effect yet another green plant until the exciting stuff happens.


Selfishly its also partly to make the editing of dozens of shots a bit more interesting now and again,however, and just incase some of our older members (don't tell @Fragg he's old lol) are a little offended by bright colours Ive included the standard shots for those of you who like tradition....


"Ladies and Gentlemen,Without further ado I have great pleasure in bringing you...normal photography!"



Im looking forward to the fun to come and all the little problems that keep you on your Toes as a grower but for now that's your lot so go roll a smoke,make a cuppa,sit back and marvel at 100% genuine,real life happening right before your very eyes.


I hope youve enjoyed the show thank you for your time now go grow ye' feckers!



Edited by Badbadger
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