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New to growing, new to hydro!

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Yes exactly that. Like i said we have the basics down, just need to tweak a few things. Temps, feed ratios and things based on knowledge draw from here.

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I've just cracked 2 swiss skunk / super cheese today, doing my first run with my new recirculating bubblers. You should get a diary started!


My mate has half his flat dedicated to growing....lights and hydro stuff everywhere, calls himself 'the doctor', and doesn't even have a clue! More like ghetto shaman. Looked at me sideways like a confused dog when I brought my PPM and PH meters round for him...8.1PH! :rofl: Man I could go on and on about the stupid shit he does...but anyway...


That hay smell I'm almost certain is down to drying, I only ever experienced it during the early stages of drying, or on quick dried tester buds. That smell associated with hay only exists in hay because of the way that the hay is dried...quick and hot. If your buds are dried properly and slowly, by the time they're ready to go in jars, that smell should be gone (or on its way out). I've never known it to stick around on my properly dried stuff, and my tester buds have never lasted long enough to know for sure! All the best with your grow mate.



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