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Remo Chemo and Nutrient growers

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6 hours ago, botanics said:

@arthur lee


This is good know bud, so they take a while but once off there's no stopping the beast, could this be rootzone temperatures/hydration levels I wonder :g: fickle perhaps, hmm will have to be extra special carefull considering it's this aera that I've identified as causing me the issues I've been experiencing, thanks mate for the heads up :yinyang:



They are extremely temp sensitive early on and want some coverage via dome/prop lid early on 


I will follow with interest





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@arthur lee


Good man, you've probably just saved my grow mate (even before they're above the ground lol) because a higher humidity is something I really struggle to maintain early on and early veg, I'll be sure to keep them in the prop for a bit longer, just vent open and give them a misting every day, thanks man, you've helped me more than you may realise :yinyang:

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I've been trying to germ these seeds for about 3 weeks. Nightmare thick fucking shells. Out of 5 I think I'll be lucky to get one to pop it's head up. I've had them soaking for a week and still only the tiniest slither of a split in the shell. I had 2 unable to remove shell and rot. 1 I helped it remove its shell but it was too late as inside had gone to mush. Last  two I've helped them by removing the shell with a couple of scalpels. One I couldn't get one half off and one I managed both. Fingers crossed I get one come up. My seeds were really tiny and even after like a week in water then a week in coco and then 5 days or so back in water and still shells was rock hard. 

Anyway wish me luck,  I just need one thing show please. 


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@zztopbudzSorry to hear you are having issues with the Remo Chemo germination process. From what I have read and been told by growers this strain can take a bit of time and patience to germinate. I know a few growers have had issues but there's have still shown there heads and growing well :)


Keep me posted on this mate. All feedback is greatly appreciated :yep:


All the best 



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