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Best portable vape

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@mrrichiet You can get bong like rips from a Vapexhale Cloud Evo, it really is like hitting a bong with that device, the only problem is its bloody expensive.


I only use mine when I am not working he next day now as it fucks me up too much and I can feel it in the morning still. I much prefer the Solo's for everyday use now as it's more like smoking a spliff, much more civilised.


Good luck with fucking off combustion dude, it's well worth it in the end, I get way more pleasure from my weeds now I am not smoking it.

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I had a solo but sold it as I thought it was crap, that was when I was a smoker and like you craved the hit from the bong. I then got a cloud evo and struggled with coughing until I committed to vaping for a few weeks and the rest is history. 

I did struggle with getting stoned enough then with the help of rosin I was suddenly getting more stoned than I had done for years.

Before I made the switch I was combusting 3-4g of flower a day in massive bong rips barely getting stoned, now I have micro dabs and I get way more mind bending type wasted then I have for years.


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I'm not saying the solo is crap I would love to own one now I'm not combusting for sure, it's just not a big hitter in which you need to make the transition.

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Thought I'd bump this as I have the same query ...




I'm looking for my first portable vape (I have a volcano ) . There's so many and the information is beginning to bleed from eyes lol . Can you please advise which vape(s) deliver (in order of importance ) :




Battery life 

Ease of maintaining/cleaning 


Build quality 


I'm happy to consider any discreet looking portable vape , no pens or vapcap as I'd like as close to convection as possible 


Many thanks in advance 



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