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RDWC water gone cloudy.

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I hope you have a chiller too GV mate. RDWC is a slimy, smelly failure without one

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2 types of Ph down one is citric acid the other is phosphoric acid. As we are both running similar sized systems I can tell you it has happened to me once. I was using the citric acid based Ph down at the time. But unsure if that really was the cause. At the time I got the Ph and nutes levels spot on and then let it run. Next day the water in my reservoirs was clear and no effects ever noticed.

Are you using town water?  If so I would check that 1st. You said your Ph was around 8.9 which is very high. Maybe the local council added something or nearby roadworks.(shake the calcium build up off the pipes) When on town water check the tap water Ph levels.  You'll be surprised by the fluctuations.


Don't worry and go ahead. You could dump if you wanted to or if that makes you feel more secure but we sometimes forget that we are talking about plants, and they love living with lots of shit.


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