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VaporGenie Classic (wood), "Classic"-look Aluminium and Bronze Sherlock



At some point during the spring of 2012 i acquired my very 1st VG pipe, out of curiosity, only to give it away within the week as i recall:  i just didn't have the required operator skills!


Meanwhile, after only 6 months or so, using an HerbalAire v2.1 table vaporizer (ballons, custom whip) some nuisible side-effects gradually appeared.  Eventually i later concluded there was a lack of proper "conditioning", though i remember instead i've actually selected this particular ready-made commercially-available product simply to help promote future easy/convenient replication, e.g. solely based on my preferences for its SiC Core, exactly.  Honestly, the Self-Moisturization/Auto-Conditioning aspects only arrived some while after my "Prototyping Platform" experiments started, the year after.  Then a succession of trial & error "iterations" took place until i managed to approximately identify a suitable "Sweet-Spot" for my target "Range of Applications" - though i must highlight that doing so equally affected that pipe's fundamentals significantly enough to have a change of its corresponding ritual as well...


One old problem i faced was VG's preference for yellow flames:  real progress didn't happen as long as i was stuck with this limitation, i needed a radical solution which was to cut into wood and metal in order to shorten the Inlet/Flame-Catcher/Monobloc path ending with my Hybrid Core "Front Puck (removed):




The Flame-Catcher (not shown) fits on top, separated by a tiny space inside a wood Sphere.  The genuine large VG cavity seemed to result in excess exhaust accumulation threatening to extinguish my blue flame...


This is my "4-20" Hybrid-Core configuration:




Take note that switching to a blue flame also caused a paradoxical need to move the core structure closer to my cannabic bowl:  longer delays promoted worse errors...  So that how the new custom-made 17-Holes Metal Disc ends up at the top of the Screw-Base Cavity located right next to the main Core Cavity in the Monobloc, euh...  Which means only the larger 3.33 mm thick SiC Front Puck is installed in place of the previous 7.5 mm thick SiC Puck, with its complement parts displaced into that auxiliary cavity.  So, the Metal Disc and Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck are slightly smaller in diameter, especially the later as it is wrapped by a screen of brass with a double function:  a) shield action by redistributing heat;  b) mechanical resilient support.


This is the whole finished set (at right) beside an obsolete smoker artifact many decades older (at left):




The flexible PVC Extension Tubing provides a "socially-acceptable" feature by promoting "Harm-Reduction" aspects as self-awareness (via direct visual feedback on accumulating condensed water), "Micro-Bursting"/"Micro-Dosage"/"Packetization" of the "Heat Charge", nearly separated "Pre-Heating" and "Vaporization" phases (with adapted inhalation force depending on the presence or absence of potential butane-related by-products), gentle filtration meant to preserve aroma/taste, etc., etc.


Here's my "Lava" concept in schematic form, maybe the changes will be grasped more spontaneously:




It's a thermal bottle, essentially.  In "iddle" state no airflow occurs so the 2 sides made of SiC appear like thermal insulators, while the screen side that was relatively cold turns hot once the aerial stream inside is set in motion.  In other words the structure behaves in contrasting ways depending on airflow, which is a transitional event no longer than a few seconds compared to the minutes of other vaporizers.  The trick is to use brief/dense heat pulses to pre-heat the core, then the flame is removed, then inhalation can gain in force to begin having real fun...  Also note that this configuration should prove readily compatible with Induction Heat combined to Curie-effect alloys for increased precision:  temperature and mass of the "susceptor" would then define the amount of replicable "Heat Charge" that can be temporarily stored, etc.  Lots of day-dreaming in perspective!


The final goal i guess is to vaporize only the surface and not the underlying vegetal substrate under, or avoid "baking", over-heating, whatever, etc., etc.


In pure "Plan-A" (Induction Heat) mode there would be no butane to supply super-heated gases (H2O and CO2) but i figure that can be dealth otherwise, since 1 coil can energize more than 1 "susceptor" simultaneously.  For example, it would be no trouble having an auxiliary boiler/evaporator besides the main Hybrid Core:




Instead of trichomes this one would pre-heat distilled water to feed a moisturizing adjustment valve, etc...


M'well, that's it.  I've shown what it has become and even what could be awaiting next - too bad the manufacturer doesn't want to be bothered with it!


Yet the gain from a moddified version vastly overrides a lack of warranty IMO...


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:

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Hybrid Core configuration finally stabilizing around a Sweet-Spot:



http://www.uk420.com/boards/uploads/monthly_2017_11/large.5a0e6b2412aad_EgzosetsCustomizedVGPipe-NearConclusionofHalloween2017640x600.JPG.c9b376a28202fc37c8872e6a78fd6239.JPG ]


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:

Edited by Egzoset
Severely degraded .JPG version on local host.
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Is it English?




Can I phone a friend?


Edited by Arnold Layne

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that glass table would look cool with a light below it

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No problem, lets talk fish then:


Recognize the crowd-funded LotoLabs Evoke now rebranded as the "Lux"?...



1 single battery, a modular coil with electrical contacts despite an induction (wireless!) design - e.g. a cynical farce...



Oh, and based on conductive/radiative heat selling at a prohibitive cost after years playing dumb.



Which didn't prevent the owner to brag about it while eating a pizza in Italy, at his fans own expense.  Now that's fish all right.


M'well, we could have discussed the subject of "Bi-Energy", falling-back to a butane blue torch flame if/when convenient/necessary, etc.


The "Packetization" of an injected "Heat Charge" opening the door to a different consumption method and ritual avoiding the nuisance of ordinary obsolete Hot Dry Air Ovenizing technology as in the Volcano/Arizer and siblings, for example...  "Micro-Bursting" helping to make it significantly stealthier than the genuine patented VG product ever allowed, on top of being healthier than yellow flames too!...  Etc., etc.


So let there be fish if that's what appeals, intelligent/serious readers can always depend on Google Images to find out for themselves what i spent my last 7 years (and a couple thousand dollars) on, just to share the fun around, in good time for a Christmass DIY:


Google Images:  Egzoset Lava Bursting TinyPic

Good luck obstructing that!  Any idea how to prevent replication by peers if/when a guy comes around who can actually grasp the magnitude of this proposition??


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:

Edited by Egzoset

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In diaporama!


















Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:


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You could just smoke a joint.

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4 hours ago, Gimps said:

You could just smoke a joint.


No.  Vaporist DIY-only topic here.

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