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Autopots dr90 ec question

large.IMG_4616.JPGRight quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? 


Thanks barney

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 yes looking good so far stil unsure about ec becuase tap water ec is stil 0.9 so filled res today with bloom and ec was at 2.2 so 0.3 up from last week but no burning tips as of yet see how they enjoy more feed , dont have time to do full grow journal but will keep this updated when can would like people to chime in did trim all under growth aswell hoping the pack out next 2 weeks only 7 week flower strain but will take to 8/9 see how tricomes are looking 



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Less is more unless they start to look hungry for me.


I wouldn't put in what they don't need, imo, has a negative impact on flavour if you pump too much in.


Out of interest why was your EC so high during veg?

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I'd go steady increasing ec in the auto pots especially in a scrog because since they are bottom feeding you aren't watering to run off and removing built up salts as is recommended with coco (I'm presuming your using said medium). Autopots in a scrog are a nightmare to flush through if you go to heavy with the feed. I'd only up it if the plants start to look hungry 

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