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Outdoor cheap greenhouse haveagrow!

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Critical Kush (Fem - Barneys) harvest


Well I chopped her down the day of my last post about it and she’s been drying since along with some of the Cookies Kush that had to come down early due to stem rot. 


I’ve had it all in the shed but given the weather I think that’s probably been the worst idea. I’ve now moved it into my house and got it hanging in the dining room pantry (no door so plenty of airflow). 


Its still a bit wet and stemmy but all in all I got around 34-36 grams of bud which I’m happy enough with. I put loads of the tiny buds into the trim box too hence the low grammage. 


A couple of pics of some buds for you:




All of these have since been chopped to pieces so they can dry muy rapido and I can get my smoke on! The rest is hanging.


whens a good time to jar? 

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When you think it's dry, give it another couple of days before jarring it, then burp the jar for at least 2 weeks, then try it ;)



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Might put a cheap greenhouse at a plot,  do you not have issues with mold though when flowering?

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Hey for anyone who might have followed this I’m back with a new blog here



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nice read this man

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