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Seedling questions for a novice

May I bend the ears of you guys that have the knowledge, :book:


2 of my seeds popped, put them in soil and we have new life, got them in soil, in plastic cups,


1. how long under the lights for, is it 24 hrs or is it 18-6?


2. should I be watering every few days with just water?


3. do I need the fan on at this stage?


4. do I need extractor fan on too?


I'll load up a photo later for your advice, thanks in advance you guys defo know your stuff.

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You can keep them on 18-6 or 24 hours, I personally think 24 is not natural and doesn't give the plants time to rest. 

You should put some kind of clear plastic dome over the seedlings to keep humidity high, I like to keep it at 80% for seedlings. 

No fan needed as your putting these in a dome. 

You only need a little bit of water around the base of the stem each watering as there's not much root system yet, just PH'd plain water when the top of the cups dry out a bit. 

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Cheers Crentz,:notworthy: appreciate the help thank you 

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3 minutes ago, tonyb said:

Cheers Crentz,:notworthy: appreciate the help thank you 


No worrie man, good luck with the grow. 

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