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Professor Plum

A thank you to Dutch Passion

I just wanted to leave some props here for Dutch Passion and specifically @DutchPassionTony.


After much deliberation I picked a mix of seeds for my latest grow from certain ‘single seed store’ that has since closed and I had a bit of a disaster with the seeds... One Dinafem seed just didn’t pop at all which was annoying in its self but I thought not the end of the world as I still had two left for my grow, only to hit flower to find one of the remaining Dutch Passion seeds was a runt! Shes a very odd looking thing, just grew with hundreds of tiny flowers all over.:headpain:

A bit unlucky on my part but after the subsequent closure of the company I think maybe one could question the legitimacy of the beans?!:g:


Anyway I had a pleasant chat with Tony about my freaky Blackberry as she was a bit of a mystery and Tony very kindly offered to send me some replacement beans for my next grow, which under the circumstances was unexpected and frankly awesome in equal measure. 


So a big thank you to Tony and DP for going above and beyond. Thanks again pal, top notch service.:thumsup:

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That's great to hear. I got some lovely plants from Dutch Passion seeds last year, so it's good to know that the company puts out positive vibes with the customer service as well.

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I can vouch for their customer service , top notch organisation! :yinyang:

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