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Donkey Kong Jnr -TigseyJnr tries to finish a diary

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Good to see you got a few bags full mate i think everybody is going to be early cropping, this year has to be one of the worst for weather.


Indoors looking good too stunning pics, ill hold off a my cotc vote for the next round . How long they got left now couple of week?







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Thanks mate @Key4


Hope you're doing alright mate. 



I am pleased to be honest. A few oz of nice weed cropped Sept 1st!!  Could have easily ended up with nothing the weather we've had too. 


Will collect up the remaining RGSC stuff soon. Will either be properly done (might actually help me sleep) or sticks of mould. Ha. 


I reckon another two weeks for the indoor Whitey Freeze, but we'll see. I over cook my plants when i can, except a few early buds for daytime and creative smokes. 


COTC. Ha. I won't lie, that's the goal. (Personal photography challenge as much as growing) I treated myself to an old but half decent Dslr. Just trying to figure it out, along with lighting in the loft. 600w of HPS and I can't get enough light in my pics :wanker:


Thanks for looking in dude, 


Tigs :guitar:


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just for u mate :yep:@Key4


RGSC Whitey Freeze - 9 weeks and a day or two in. Not long now.










The cat loves the ganja :cat:








Had problems with every other plant in the tent during this grow. These two didn't bat an eye lid and are till going strong. One is just starting to fade and die a bit, but still getting fatter and frostier.


Trichomes are still clear on both, with the odd one going cloudy. Going to let them both cook as long as possible, while chopping the odd bud here and there.


A bit :offtopic:but


I found some nanna's on the Purple Trainwreck, and after chopping her'im, and inspecting further, i found some nannas deeper in the buds from befor, with an under developed seed next to the nannas. I don't reckon it's set seed in the other plants (looked in both PE's and the plants above) , but it might explain why all the plants in this grow have had lots of orange/brown pistels from very early on. I dunno, maybe.


Next round of plants are in the tent, and i'm taking the two Whitey Freeze out, and putting them into another dark tent for 12 hours to keep them in flower cycle. I've set up another roof qube for drying all my outdoor weed, which has meant i can carry on the next grow phase :rockon:

Pic taken last week.




A right mix up, but one of each of the RGSC Whitey Freeze cuts.


Nice one,


Tigs :guitar:


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Looking very frosty . You been playing with your fancy camera ,Nice pics .


Bollocks are never good i had them on my last indoor , pisses me off :furious:


Good luck :skin_up:

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they are frosty as fook!! Smelling lovely too. @Key4


and yep. Getting there with the camera. I do need to invest in a few bits but cant justify spending the money on it atm. Need a decent lens (a macro lens would be nice too), and a couple of work lamps. But all good.


The only reason i'm pissed about the nanna's is 'cause i missed the earlier ones. I'm not too fussed if there is the odd seed anyway.


Nice one,


Tigs :guitar:


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Great stuff mate :)

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Thanks dude @cocopips


The Whitey Freezez have really shown they're strength compared to the other plants in my tent.


One more test to go.. And i'm looking forward to that one :bong:

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u read my mind @Key4


a bit of an update, with a round up thrown in.


Not gonna lie, life seems to have got ontop of me at the moment :spliff: i've still been lurking on here, but cant bring myself to engage properly, only commenting on random, usualy un grow related things. Think this year's weather has finished me off! Outdoor gardening has been tough this year.


all good, just means this diary ends a bit abruptly. I did manage to finish it though!! HA. :band:



Didn't manage to get final pic's of the main buds of the remaining whitey freeze's. They were stonking though (see last update's pic's).


They came down in stages, and i never had the camera handy. Planned to take dry bud shots, but ended up smoking them and giving some (alot!) to a friend befor photgraphing them. Sorry :frown:


Here's the last of the last crop.




One plant got chopped early last week as the die back was hitting the sugar leaves. The one above kept going till last night. 12 weeks and still clear trichomes.

Maybe they don't go cloudy? maybe the early trainwreck hermie spooned them out? 


@panik when are these usually cooked mate?


Anyway, the photo's dont do the plant justice, as these pic's are just the final smaller buds i'd left to fatten up.


All in all a nice result. Really nice, dense, chunky buds. And lots of bud, off a fairly small plant.


Some of the Whitey Freeze has been dry and jared for a bit, but it's definitly one that needs a cure. I didnt like it at first. Has an old skool flavour to the smell (not quite cat piss but close), but still green atm. But after a jar, it's already tasting better, and the high seems stronger having been jarred for a bit. It's all going to the back of the cupboard for a long cure.


I'll be back in a month or two with a proper Whitey Freeze smoke report.



As a grow, it's been a funny one for me.


Initial excitement at the rigour of early growth, followed by disapointment about the abunance of males and autoing plants. Then delight at the big bad boy male, , and the remaining two females and how well they grew. Followed by initial dislike of flavour of smoke, only to come round again and look forward to smoking it after a good cure.


While it was a pain getting so many males, i did end up with a beaut, and it might lead to some interesting things outside. So that's been a real bonus. And i cant complain about the auto's, i just didnt realise it was a semi auto when i ordered it :mashed: . But as said, it ended up being a bonus, with the possibilities of early outdoor hacks. We'll see.


I have lots of cuttings from both plants, but the auto genes are making them behave strange, so i wont be keeping them other than to grow one more out, and another to do a seed run.




The DFG and Mighty Gold


What can i say.. These ended up being the saviour of my outdoor grow this year.




10 plants, 5 of each. Started harvesting 1st Sept. Finished 16th Sept. Aprox 8/10 oz of prime bud. 3/4oz of bud into the freezer (from being near mould). Threw at least the same weight away in mouldy bud.


I was initially disapointed with the amount i lost to mould. On relfection, and compared to everything else i had out, they done AMAZING!


Cause it was so early on, i pushed them to go as long as they would. Any other plant would have disappeared over night. These kept going though. Harvested during constant torrentail rain. With a onth of constant rain leading upto it.


Like i said, they done amazing!



Once dried, I did end up getting the DFG and MG mixed up as they are fairly similar looking.


From the off, both are a nice smoke.


Having been jarred for a bit, still a nice smoke.


A nice daytime smoke, but still complex enough to chill in the evenings, and most important for me, sleep.


Got plenty stashed in the back of my cupboard, again, i'll be mack in a month or twoo with a proper smoke report.



There you go.


Massive repect to  @panik    Thank you so much for giving me the Mighty Gold and Whitey freeze seeds. Look forward to growing more of your seeds outdoors next year, and might treat myself to some gorilla haze when i can :yep:




Nice one,


Tigs :guitar:






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Hey mate nice review, .... Yeah sorry mate about the whiteyfreeze mixed seeds still cant believe that happened , iv actually took down the fems off the website till iv rectified the problem they wont be on sale again,... hopefully you get the smoke your looking for when its cured a bit , they normally flower in 7-8 weeks so are quite fast,... 


Glad you enjoyed the outdoor DFG, MightyGolds, gutted we've had the shittest year weather wise I picked a good year for release of my seeds hey lol , but to be honest if they performed in a season like we've just endured things will only turn out superior in a decent year weather wise so its all good,.. 


Thanks again for the review  mate and cant wait to see what you do next season, let me know if you need owt, and keep an eye out for the new strains coming,... :yep: 

Edited by panik
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