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Bertie the iBiro

growth gone haywire

Hi, Im a newbie to this site, but  have been a grower for about 35 years. ( Ive only recently started growing indoors and am a bit mystified by what is happening.

Im growing Hindu Kush OH and cannot fathom why the leaf structure has turned from the broad Indica shape to the thin sativa shape. I'm in my fourth week of flowering, and its really slow.

Some help would be useful. I'm not using a tent, , Im using just a 600 HPS bulb and ballast, a really good 4" intake of fresh air and a great out take via a filer ( 6" ), Umbrella sunking 1 metre shade and only 3 plants. 

I'm growing in my own soil mix, ( broken terracotta at the bottom, washed grit on top of that, then a mixture of sand and grit and soil, then soil mixed with bat shit, then soil and grit, then a nice layer of finely crushed egg shells. The pre potting was all this mixed with bone, fish and blood meal, and the customary pint of Guiness, I wanted to grow it in a cupboard, but the plants became triffids. ( incedentally , the soil, pre clone, was a great 5.8 ph, and have been running on 5.6 all the way through, but they have turned into leggy plants and now at this stage are almost 7 ft tall, so have had to knuckle them.

I'm also using an 18 inch pifco rotating fan , on low, every 4 hours for 1.5 hours.

Some help would be good, as I dont know how to get pics up..

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Click Create in the top right of the screen. Then gallery image. It should ask you to create a gallery and then give you options. Just follow the options to upload some pictures. If you still have problems some threads in this link will assist you.




You'll need some pictures to get some help with that one.

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Is the room u growing in light proof ?Is it complete darkness at light's out?

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First off...  Hindu Kush, pure Indica .. fourth  week.

Stretch over, budding slows anyway .. nothing seems to happen for a while.

If they look healthy, yellowing even, kerching!


@Bertie the iBiro .. pint of Guinness? Don't tell @Irishgirl ... 

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Yes completely light free room, back to white over the windows though curtains in situ first, Have checked it in the dead of night and no light emissions, also a green bulb in room. Trying to upload pics but at present they are over recommended size, and not being a computer buff.....

Will look into it though, as I have pics from the word go.

Blessings Be xx

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