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converting THC to CBN

After my mad panic / anxiety attacks and a week or so off the green I tried a smoke Friday and a vape Saturday.


Friday wasn't too bad but I did get run away thoughts that were not great and ended up just going to bed to sleep it off.

Sat was a no go! 2 pulls on a vape bag and THC flight followed with another minor attack. I walked and meditated until I was back under some control but it was not pleasant.


after looking into adding CBD crystals I have decided this is an expensive way to use up my stash but I will do it if I have too. (anybody done this? or with CBD oil?)

I also looked into vaping just the CBD off and leaving the THC in the green but the temps look to close to be achieved consistently (however I am interested if anybody has results with this approach ?)


this leads me onto a thought.


THC degrades to CBN, which is supposed to be less active.


can I intentionally degrade my stash to CBN from THC ?

will this lesson the flighty feeling ?

does anybody have expeience with this or am I out on a limb again ?

am I talking crap ????


any thoughts appreciated.  



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I get that a bit sometimes too, normally from bud that was harvested too early, or racy super high THC ratio Haze's. Though I think a lot of it is psychosomatic (you had a bad experience which leaves you worried you'll have a bad experience next time, which then makes you have another bad experience).


I had a little bit of CBD isolate given to me and found it really good for "levelling out" the high in weed like that, ie adding more body and less raciness and just more chill all round really.


Smoking much less of it than normal sort of works ok too, though you dont get so nicely baked as usual, you still get high but just more mood enhancing subtly and can be quite nice, try less than half what you would normally smoke and see how it goes.


eta: sorry to answer your original question.. pretty sure you are correct that THC turns to CBN, not certain but I seem to remember reading that sunlight can have that affect and that's why you should store bud in the dark.. maybe worth leaving a few buds exposed under the hps for a few days see if it does anything?

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can i ask what strain it is that gives u this feeling? im presuming its not multiple strains

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@iBMe cheers buddy.


I consumed 2 to 3g per day a few months ago. was down to 1 to 1.5g per day 3 weeks ago and was making progress with my issues.

then the attack. I mean shacking and convulsions...

sat night I literally had 2 pulls on a vape bag and had to chuck the rest.


I do agree on the mental side of things, maybe time will help.


I am interested in degrading the weed though..... I know older CBN rich weed is better for me. I have always had issues on things like cheese, blues, psychosis etc but it was mild.... not anymore.

I was on C99 when this started so I also agree on the sat dom's not being great for me.


I am thinking something along the lines of decarbing for 30mins at 140C and then trying to smoke it. 

I have looked for info on how to convert THC to CBN and the only thing I can find says, "use 2 year old weed" yeah like its ever about for that long. lol 




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@hashmaster3000 started on C99, sat night I tried sage and sour (THseeds) however if I am honest there may have been some C99 left in the grinder.

I have always felt more at home with the indi doms, now I know why. I want some widow, Williams wonder or even NL from back in the day. this high THC stuff wrecks me.


@iBMe that's a great idea..(just seen your edit) ......... wow, intentionally wrecking my weed.... thought I would never see the day. I wonder if I can do it through a jar so it doesn't just end up crispy as.

is it the light, or is it the light and heat ??? um.... I feel some playing is in order.


there was a trial I read up online where they took extracts from a sample, heated at 145, they took samples at something like 3 / 6 / 9 and 12 hours.... don't quote me its from memory. they noticed only 0.1% increase in CBN at each phase. this doesn't look good for what I am trying to achieve. although the THC levels went down considerably. that indicates some other chemical reaction is taking place. where THC is converting to compounds other than CBN. this is something I really want to understand as I think it may help people who actively look for CBD and may actually be looking for CBN.


science needs to catch up (IMO)


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this was my initial source CATScientific (if I am not allowed to do this moderators apologies and please delete as necessary)


There are several studies proclaiming when decarboxylating cannabis with heat, not to go past about 70% decarboxylation because you start converting THC to CBN at a faster rate than converting THCA to THC. According to the following graph, after about 70% decarboxylation the levels of THC actually start falling sharply, which means CBN also begins to rise and the medication becomes more sedative.


We wanted to perform an experiment to discover what happens when decarboxylating a solution, going past 70% decarboxylation, how many mg/ml of THC could be converted to CBN.

For the experiment, we had a THCA solution we processed two months prior, where we dissolved 25 grams of kief in 500ml of liquid coconut oil at 38°F. The lab analysis for the THCA solution showed no CBN detected, so we knew where we started prior to decarboxylation.

We put the THCA solution in a one liter beaker, placed it on the CAT MCS78 Hotplate stirrer, set the probe temperature to 122°C, which is the temperature of the solution. Once the probe temperature hit 122°C, the timer on the MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer was engaged for 24 hours. We drew samples at six hours, twelve hours, eighteen hours and twenty-four hours to see what THC to CBN conversion rates are for those time segments.

We sent the four samples to the lab for analysis and were quite surprised with the results. In fact, they were nothing what we expected. Heating the solution for six hours @122°C, the conversion of THC to CBN, 0.1 mg/ml, twelve hours, THC to CBN, 0.2mg/ml, eighteen hours, THC to CBN, 0.3 mg/ml and twenty-four hours, THC to CBN 0.4 mg/ml.

The results of the analysis tell us when decarboxylating cannabis using heat, going past 70% decarboxylation, the conversion of THC to CBN is minuscule, and is not the cause of cannabis extract having sedative properties.

Analysis Reports:

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I used to grow lots of C99 and the symptoms you describe I've seen multiple times when people have smoked it. Panic attacks, passing out, shivers, feeling like you can't breath and high anxiety. I've grown over 150 strains and this is the worse one for causing whiteys. I found that it had to be cured for three weeks or more to avoid it happening. I believe it's a reaction to very high thc and no cbd to calm it down. I have a very high tolerance and I even experienced this once and it wasn't pleasant at all. Smoke some that's cured out properly and it's still quite a wild buzz!


If this continues, even with other strains, I suggest trying a high CBD strain. They have an extra bit of mellowness to them - well, the ones I've tried have. :)

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@bearukc yeah I have been smoking for 20+ years and never had a feeling like it.


I converted 3/4 oz into extract, I dare not even touch it.


I will play with some other strains tonight (4:20 now implemented......) see if they do the same. 


thanks for posting.  

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i will be a good mate and dispose of that extract for you , im good like that :D u could always hang on to it and get a pack of some cbd strain and see what its like if u mix some c99 bud with some cbd bud it will probably be more enjoyable for u and at least u wont have to get rid of the c99 bud u have

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@hashmaster3000 I honestly won't be touching it. not even the barbiturates in my Moroccan import can tame this shit !



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If you're experiencing very high levels of anxiety, I'd suggest not smoking at all. Clear your head and try to get to the bottom of it. The pot will be there when you're ready again.


imho etc etc

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