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ESSENTIALS pH meter pen Storage Solution?

Good morning everyone :)


Bought myself Essentials pH & EC meter pens, CF calibration fluid and Buffer 7 & Buffer 4 solutions. pH meter's manual states:


If the unit is not used or stored for a long period of time, the sensor will become dry. This will result in a slow response to a stable reading. Soaking the sensor area in a cup of tap water or preferably ESSENTIALS Buffer 7 solution for 1-2 hours will restore sensitivity to the sensor. Alternatively, if using the meter on a regular basis, store in ESSENTIALS pH Storage Solution.


The problem here is that I'm unable to find ESSENTIALS pH Storage Solution anywhere on the net, it's like it doesn't even exist. Am I missing someting?


Thanks :)

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Just store it in the buffer 7. Thats all Ive ever done. Just put some in the cap and prop the meter up. It only need a bit :)



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Thanks :)

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