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any additives?

Hey im using hesi nutes in coir coco, i am using their coco feed im into my last 4 weeks is there anything worth adding to increase the size and weight of my yield?

i am using hesi boost and their pk 13/14 as additives which im aware of their properties and what they respectfully do.


all help would be great!!!




smoke responsibly (NOT)

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in there you already have the added pk along with some enzymes, micronutrients and carbs so i think you would see the most benefit going with something with vitamins or hormones such as canna boost for the triacontanol ive found this gives a nice boost to the frosting or dutch pro explode for the few hormones and vitamins that has in it.


I would say however,  dont get sucked into the advanced nutrients ideal of the more bottles of aditives the better, KISS is the key.


unless your getting consistent grows with what you have more additives just leads to more headache if and when something does go wrong.

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