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assault and battery

Mum box?

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On 22/02/2017 at 0:33 PM, Kiminal said:


I I'll throw the cover away, but the ballast is mounted on this metal plate with plastic back which will make it pretty easy to install, result! 



Hi, how easy was that light to wire up to a plug? Look's perfect for what i need and cheap too, Thanks in advance

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really easy.... I used the cord off an old electric lawn mower, I'm no sparky mind but it came with a diagram that matched my cable. 


Its wrorked well. I've since made a bigger veg box that accomadates my T5 strip light thing, but I still use this for a mum plant and while the light penetration isn't great if she gets a bit bushy, it's easily sorted by trimming her up when I need clones. (Frequently as I've struggled rooting them until I just left them in a prop on top of this box and the heat from the light seemed to root them in no time) 



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Thanks for the reply, i think this light will be perfect for a bonsai mum or two 

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