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Black Jack, Mohan Ram and Blow Mind Autos in supersoil under LED

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Welcome ganja bredren to my Sweet Seeds 2016/17 Competition Diary entry and first up I'd just like to say a massive thanks to all at Sweet Seeds and especially Tommy and Jape for running this and for the amazing prizes on offer, its shows some real commitment to our community and has brought some fantastic growers out with some great diaries so far! Muchas Gracias guys! I really like this symbiotic and intermingling relationship between growers and breeders here on uk420 I think its beneficial and positive all round :)


I have a very humble little setup compared to many of those on show in this competition and as such I have no delusions of grandeur about winning but I sure as hell am glad to be taking part and having the opportunity to grow some more of Sweet Seeds great genetics. :yahoo:  I have grown Sweet Seeds before although not the strains I will be sampling for this comp. Red Poison was my first, gifted to me by a friend that we exchange such things ;) Just wow was what I thought when I took her down at day 64 from seed and the pic below shows her off well but doesn't give the lovely fruity smell she gave off :)



She tasted divine too just like she looks tbh, summer fruit and she was a dream to grow as well, so as you can imagine I was sold on Sweet Seeds from my first ever bean :D I've also grown out Trainwreck auto 4 times and also Jack 47 auto which was blow the socks off strong, again VERY impressed! The Red Posion won me a choice of 3 strains from Sweet Seeds in their best pic thread earlier this year and I went for Trainwreck, Cream Caramel and Jack 47 wishing I had just one more choice as I felt it was such a tough choice with so many excellent strains so along comes this comp and bingo I get 3 more choices :guitar:


The Red Poison was without a doubt one of the most original tasting herb I've ever tried BUT wasn't great for pain relief for myself or my wife and that leads me on to why I and how I grow these days. Having fallen in love with all things ganja from my very first encounter back in 1979 I think it was I have been a constant recreational user all my life cutting my teeth on Red Leb and some pretty epic Blacks. Indeed back then it was readily available compared to bud....whoooah I'm wandering off topic and can babble on this for hours! 


To cut a long story short I now grow for pain relief for my wife and I primarily, as we are both in our 50's and have assorted aches and pains top numerous and boring to list here, but also recreational ;) To do this I grow autos perpetually planting a seed once every 2 to 3 weeks and I now alternate between strains I'd like to try and some high CBD strains that have found a place into my heart/medicine cabinet/grow. So that I always have some high CBD strains to hand these days as well as a nice strong indica or two for bed time. I do think all ganja is medicinal but tend to find the stronger the strain the more medicinal the effect too (with notable exceptions)so enjoy trying all strong strains and seeing what works for my wife and I and often it isnt the same strain. Indeed cocktails is something we make often for best pain effects.


To keep us medicated and able to function I need at least an oz a week and so each plant needs to be 2.5+ oz for my setup to work...


and that leads me onto the next part of my post...


My Perpetual Setup

I grow 4/5 plants continually planting every 2/3 weeks in organic homemade supersoil based on worm castings and peat, I'm trying to be no til but had issues with sciarids that set me back but  have vanquished the little blighters for now so am back on track. I run a worm bin and recommend it 100% to get one going if you dont have one, I love mine and the benefits to the gals are beyond any bottle you can buy and they can be of use in making Earth Worm Casting (EWC) based Actively Aerated Compost Teas(AACT). I also use 20l airpots with tights on them, to keep out the f**king sciarid flies. 20l is quite large for autos but I find they root out and I try to make up for small lights with a bit more soil! Water wise I use rain water I collect in buckets and filter through coffee filters and then I bubble it for 24 hours before use to oxygenate the water and make sure any nasty anaerobic bacteria present in the water are held at bay.


I find proper organic weed the tastiest I've had in all my decades of toking and simply wouldnt consider changing now plus yield with it is more than adequate too!!


My plants basically have 3 stations or places....



I put them in a small glass of water in the airing cupboard for 10/12 hours then give them a little tap to sink them and leave till they crack.  Then its into their final 20l prewatered airpots under a 96w T5 with a small PC fan attached to keep it cool for the next couple of weeks or until they are too big for it, or a slot at the next stage becomes available. They are on 24/0 lighting at this stage. Its not the greatest start to life but it works fine for me so I'm sticking with it, I'd love to be able to fire 1000W at a seedling but not sure its worth it bang for buck!


Veg Stage

This I do under 140w veg Dormgrow LED overhead and a old 96w T5 hung vertically to assist in keeping my plants low with an oscillating fan to help firm up the stems and keep airflow going and this brings them on nicely to the flowering stage and I tend to move them at about day 35 out of the loft. I do until this stage in my loft but as I only have 4ft total height, I move them to a homemade tent in a bedroom for flowering....this can prove a challenge sometimes as they can get big on me! Still on 24/0. The whole keeping them low is toying with moving the flowering stage into the the attic as well for extra stealth and to stop pissing off my son when he's back from uni....gulp! Bless him he is understanding and is paid handsomely in herb for the annoyance



I built a tent originally to test if the space I had in a cupboard would work so it matches that, its not pretty as I'm no carpenter but its worked fine for a few years now and produced some fine bud. It is 33"x33"x6' with a 6" RAM fan and Mountain Air carbon filter for extraction and 2 large 8" PC fans for intake (running off a 12v supply), this gives a fair bit of negative pressure. A 16" RAM Oscillating Wall Fan to move air around too. For reflection I used B&Q's finest radiator reflector stuff uber cheap and seems to work fine.


It is one of the issues of perpetual growing keeping it clean so I spray the tent every harvest with homemade c.10% bleach solution and I also spray my plants with Neem as a preventative before flower plus they simply like it!


So I have 2 plants in here continually each has its own 140w Dormgrow flowering LED and a 90w Red UFO as recommended by Dormgrow - well they would wouldnt they! I have them on 20/4 for flowering not due to them needing rest, autos simply dont,  just my bank account needing more funds and its my nod to being more economical :)


My 3 Choices

As I explained I had already been a kiddie in a sweetie shop thanks to Sweet seeds generosity earlier in the year but had wanted yet more strains being the greedy ganja guzzler I am. One of the strains I really fancied trying was Sweet Afghani Delicious firstly due to reports on this site plus I thought it would remind me of the black hash of my youth :) However on closer inspection there were other strains in which it had been used that sounded equally tempting so I decided to finally plump for




  1. Black Jack - As I had really enjoyed the soaring high I'd had from the Jack 47 I thought a Jack Herer crossed with Sweet Afghani Delicious sounded simply knockout :boxing:
  2. Mohan Ram - Again had read great reports on this from other growers all mentioning how strong and long lasting she was a real plus if true as I find modern weed tends to last an hour tops for me. Parentage again is the Sweet Afghani Delicious and the legendary White Widow ......ooooo yeah!
  3. Blow Mind - My final choice is a new strain but I just loved the name being an old hippy lol SAD once more with the famous “Cordobesa” Amnesia Haze clone and on the website it looks amazing and says "very resinous and productive"!


So still didnt get the SAD but all 3 of my choices are based on her .....one day!!


'Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin' :band:


First through my perpetual grow will be the Black Jack as I'm just about to run out of the Jack 47 and she has been a fav of mine and I fancy something to replace her :naughty:


Black Jack Soil Mix

The bottom 3/4 was my old soil riddled and amended when I made up the pot with :-

  • 2.5l fresh EWC and worms from the bin
  • Half handful Neem Meal
  • Half handful volcanic rock dust
  • MyCorMax sprinkled liberally as I filled the pot
  • Ecothrive Charge lightly sprinkled


The top 1/4 of the pot was plain Clover to ensure a gentle start for the seedling :wub:

I'm pleased to report the first bean germinated within 24 hours and I planted her just 0.5cm deep and lightly covered in the pot and covered with clingfilm. This method works well for me as it prevents any adult sciarids laying eggs and keeps the environment super moist, its literally dripping wet as you can see below. You are meant to be able to make out the fact that she has broken the surface on day 2 but its hard to make out...




In the next image I've removed the clingfilm....Hello World!




Here is a nice close up of the new baby with lovely detail of the vein like markings on the seed casing...




And one more before she gets covered in river sand I simply pinch it from the river next to me but acts as a barrier to egg laying sciarids




and one after the river sand has been applied....




In 2 days she WAS above ground but I've pretty much covered her again lol and with that I'll wrap up my first post, before you fall asleep.....


I'd like to thank Sweet Seeds again for the chance to run their genetics and all the best to everyone in this competition helping to make it fun for everyone


Jah bless and keep it green all:oldtoker:


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welcome to the competition, looking at your 1st picture and 1st post I would say your off to a great start, hell bells man your not shy of a bit of text are you ;) you may well be playing down your chance of winning a wee bit, we can see you lol all the best

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@rabthegrower cheers mate, that was the curtailed version too lol I can ramble on forever about weed man and was on the pure spliffs last night which didn't help ;) 


That plus others are growing 9 plants to my measly 1 at a time I need to bulk it up a bit :)



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hey brother, I know what you mean about talking forever about the sweet herb, I could talk the leg off a donkey :) You might have see me about the forum with my one plant grows ;) I love putting all my efforts into one pot (why i'm doing 3 girls one cup) its just like one plant :)

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Very nice start @Fragg 


Lots of txt but your narrative style is great to read.


good luck with the comp and I'm sure you will be picking up a prize or two!!




lil d.

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I think it's a brilliant start :) I'm looking forward to the next instalment 


best of luck with the competition. I'll be watching :ninja: 

Edited by Kiminal
I can't spell
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Welcome @Fragg, great start mate . I like that idea of the good top up of clover. It's a lovely texture. I think the hotness of the soil can cause issues for autos early days. Anyway mate look forward to seeing you work your magic in these ladies. 


Good luck bud :) 

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@rabthegrower hehe yeah its one of the reasons I joined this site the missus was sick to death of me babbling about my plants incessantly lol. She loves smoking my herb but doesn't want to hear the ins an outs of how it appears in front of her lol Gonna roll a phat one and have a read of yours :oldtoker:



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@lildaveham thanks mate much appreciated and glad I didnt bore you to death, it was a close run thing as I almost embarked on talking about my soil mix and that is a chapter in itself but decided on another spliff and an ep of Vikings instead ;)


Love your profile pic mate nice bud there for sure, yours is another diary I will enjoy having a read through later. ATB man :oldtoker:

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Hey @Kiminal thanks for the kind words and good wishes, I hope I can bring them all to a decent finish and represent Sweet Seeds, given I've already been a winner with these seeds :yahoo:

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Thanks @bobnudd, yeah Clover I find just right for starting them off and as you well know every day counts with autos so crucial to hit the ground running with them if you want to have a reasonable yield at harvest time....fingers crossed!


ATB buddy :oldtoker:

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Nice to see you in here, Nice choice of seeds, The Mohan Rams i have a very uniform .. I think you should try SADS1 at some point, i had a few phenos and one was fruity and spicy..I hope you not mind me lurking ..:oldtoker:

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Off to a great start :yes:

Looking forward to following along!


ATB dude!


Col :oldtoker:

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@Fragg Afternoon mate, what a great start to your diary with your intro about your history of your first experiences with the Leb and the Blacks.

Your choice of strains sound very appetising and you won't go far wrong with the SAD parentage IMO even though I've not tried these strains :) SAD has been my toke of choice for the past week or so, very hashy and vapes well through the EVO ;) So I would imagine these strains will serve you and your missus well for medicinal values.

Best of luck with the grow and the competition dude :yep:


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@Arthur Mix thanks for the welcome and kind words mate :yep: You'll have noticed me keeping an eye on your Mohan Rams and will be interested in your smoke report when the time comes too as you are way ahead of me! :)


I fully intend to try the SADs mate, just need to execute my cunning plan to be in the top 27(?) of this comp and win some more beans lol Also got my eye on their new Sweet Nurse CBD auto, I'd love to give her a run and compare to the Dinafem CBD strains I'm currently growing regularly.


Glad to have you along for the ride mate just tell that cat of yours its not fucking cat litter OK :oldtoker:

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