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Cloning with Aloe no more clonex

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On 1/28/2017 at 2:07 AM, ska said:

I thought it would be nice to share my (I'm not the first to do it) method for making clones without clonex or powder just using Aloe Vera gel. For a while now I've been growing notill organic but still was depending on clonex for rooting clones.  Really wanted to get away from using it and after a couple of very successful tries with Aloe I here I am sharing info. Most of this isn't new information and the method used here is gona be Ot1s method. Although this works well with jiffy pellets. I get an abundance of roots showing out of the jiffy after about 8 days, keeping the humidity at 100%. I forget the name of the active ingredient in the aloe that helps in rooting perhaps someone who reads this and knows could let me know and I'll add it to the info, with credit to that person of course :)


I start by soaking the clones in mix of blended aloe gel and water for 24 hours, at this point they are already sliced and trimmed ready to dip into gel and plant. 





Next I wash a slice of fresh aloe plant and get it ready for dipping, I usually run a knife through the gel to get it nice an gooey :)





Next I take a clone and dip the clones into the gel and get a nice coating on the bottom of the clone.






Next I put the clone into a prepared hole in a mix of soil which has 35% perlite. (it's less than the 50% in the original method, but I try to use as little as possible this is the only stage I add it to my grow)




I put 4 per pot




Finally the pot gets bagged and tagged 




I'll take the bags off in aprox 12 days to check on them by that point most if not all of them will have nice roots.


This is an oldtimes clone I took 8 days ago just been planted into some soil with a sprinkle of covercrop seed. She's a little pale but in a few days she'll be looking great and ready for more light. Unfortuneately I planted her before I grabbed the camera so I don't have a pic of her roots but I'll post the roots of the ones I took today once they are finished.




I always have aloe plants around I use a  mix of water and aloe gel, and alga as a foliar feed so this method of cloning comes at little extra cost and is as natural as it comes.

I hope someone may find this interesting I found a few vids of youtube about it and it really interested me.




Great stuff!

I too make my own mix of Aloe and Willow that i keep in the fridge.

Great to see someone else ditching the branded rooting gels.


Peace & Love
Thai Stick

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