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Subliminal Criminal

Ultraviolet Lamp Project

Subliminal Criminal, bored with the real world not being so real, decided to illuminate his empty mind..

Glass head, painted with clear spray varnish, and ultraviolet paint, 25w bc UV bulb..

Still got to paint the final version, seal it, attach lamp to wooden base..










Cheers Subs

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@@Subliminal Criminal wish I had the time to get as bored as you bud.

25 years ago,5-6 Ganesha,dark stary field in Somerset,small marque,few bass bins ,chunk of Gold Seal and I'd be all over that UV head like a rash.

I moved around with the Circus Warp guys n gals for a while in the early acid days when youd go out on Friday and come down/home on Tuesday.

The Mutoid Waste guys were awesome and did some ingenious sculptures all flouro'd up and freaky.I remember one that I laid next to for most of a night and genuinely believed it was controlling the stars moving them around and putting new ones up then waking up soaked in dew with a 7/10 girl from Yate who had herb that helped the sun come up nicely,I think I may have looked a 3/10 by then maybe a 2 though.

Good work man glow away!

Edited by Badbadger
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@@Badbadger i was born too late for the rave scene and even too late for madchester... me mother didnt like it @@bobnudd no need to paint the bulb... just hope it runs cool and dosnt melt any german quantum supercomputers when turned on!

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Cool project

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@@Embryo cheers brother

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Wouldn't mind having a crack at something like that. Where did you find the head mate,? Reminds me of an 80s pop video

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@@bobnudd got it from ebay 20 quid @@zero glad you like it

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for anyone intrested heres the finished peice..

i already have a light bulb fitting, and a 20w UV bulb, but i have a 40w on order.. hope there is no heat issues..

a joiner i know is going to make a wooden base for the lamp unit, but right now this is painted and finished.

I may spray some more varnish onto the interior, not sure about that yet, as i dont want to diminish the paints

uv properties, and dont want excess heat building up, so i will test it out before i do it.




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