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Afternoon all,

This is the first time I've taken clones to sex the mums (bubblegum regs), so I took 6 cuts from 3 mums and one of the clones is showing roots - 5 still to go so I'll leave them all be until I get some movement from them all.

They're in root riot sponges what I need some help with is I intend to flower the weaker clones to determine the gender of my mums - do I need to get the ones I intend switching to 12/12 into a wee pot of compost or can they just be flowered in the root riot sponges? I'm not going all the way them just want them to show their sexy bits.

Once they've all rooted the stronger ones will be kept as mums until I've flowered the original mums (fingers crossed their mums) and decided which one is best.

Your wisdom would be very much appreciated - muchos grassy-ass

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Hey mate ,why you taking cuts to sex ? how old are bubblegum now ? They about 4 weeks right ?

If there where I think they are it will be quicker to wait till they show on the main plants 5_6 weeks ish from seed .

Your going about it back to front mate IMO

Wait till they show then take cuts from the fems and label to corresponding plant and keep them till you find which pheno you like and hey presto you got a mum

That's how I do it anyway :)

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I think your method of determining sex is good if you are in a rush, but personally I would not take cuts until I knew I had a female - just to keep plant numbers down. Usually around day 45 to 60 the seed plant will show sex.

And in response to the root riot question, I'd get them potted into 0.5L pots to sex if that is what you are going to do...

@@Rufus Brown just beat me to it..

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Most times they don't even need roots to Sex, just put a cutting in a glass of water and put in flowering room and it will show you what it is ;)

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@@Rufus Brown, @SkyRyder, @@Psycho Sid,

Thanks very much for the replies gents, much appreciated.

They've just started week 5, I knew that mainlining them slows them down which is what I hoped to do (I need to try and manage them until my main area is free which is still approximately 6-7 weeks at best away and I'm running out of headspace/room in the mother area (I use the term loosely).

I thought instead of just binning the tops/budsites I'd cut I'd try and clone and sex. Will keep in mind for future to leave them be until they're all sexed up - then again that would mean actually planning my space and the more I'm reading of everyone's diaries the more beans I have the urge to pop.

Message to self "patience grass hopper" good things come to those who wait.

Hope everyone's tickety-boo :)

Edit - I've already said in another post about my like mad happy trigger finger - once I'm back in the world of plenty likes I'll credit your posts

Edited by Teeth
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