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Fruit flies living in my reserviour

Recently when ive looked into my bubbler res ive noticed the odd dead fruit fly or something similar kindof entwined into the roots or floating in the res and just assumed it had found its way in there and died.. More recently ive seen that there are a few live ones flying around in there.. i didnt think this sort of issue was possible with dwc but apprarantly it is.. Ive searched online and its mainly info on soil grows.. has any one else running bubblers had this? Ive got about 4 or 5 weeks to go and the roots certainly look nice and healthy.. any info at all would be appreciated, thanks!!

Extra bit of info, im generally letting the res empty most of the way before doing a bucket change where on previous runs ive topped up the res every day.. wether or not this has something to do with it im not sure.. thanks for reading!!

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