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the d.o.c

feeding guide for durban poison

i noticed dr green.jr had already grown DPand was wondering what type of feeding schedule he used for successfull growing ?.

i am into the second week and have about nine leaves showing ,(in a specially constructed nursery inside) i know i should wait about a month before fertilizing again but when i do what system did you use and how often should i fertilize?

i will be using a home made bubbler with the pots sitting in the reservoir (submerged about an inch) and hopefully by the time they are moved to my main grow room i will have a dripper system in place individually feeding the plants on a timer

the ferts i have now are

maxicrop seaweed extract



miracle gro

baby bio

i will be buying either the europonic ,ionic,canna or flora range of ferts next week when i get to a hydroponic shop (none where i stay)

which does people recommend?

if anyone else has general fertilizing information it would be much appreciated

also how many times a day should i water using a dripper system and how much water should i give them?

:stoned:  :colgate:

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I recommend IONIC as it is an all-in-one system, balances p.H, and has little..if any affect on taste (not like miracle gro- ;) )

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i had to replant them yesterday when i noticed roots coming out of the bottom of the plant pot (it wasnt easy as the vermiculite didnt hold well) what a nightmare it was as it started to flake apart in my hand ,luckily i think i managed to plant them in 5 inch by 5 inch square hydro pots in a bigger bubbler i have made ,unfortunatly i had to put them in my main grow room as the new bubbler doesnt fit the nursery ,but the roots are still growing cause they have now started to grow out of the new pots

now heres the kicker

i have heat problems cause my 400 watt lamp puts the temp up at 90-100 ,im tryin everthing to vent them ,i dont have intake or outlet fans ,i only have oscilating fans so i have to leave the doors open but that is too bright to SLEEP with (in bedroom) i have read about putting glass in to seperate light from plants and then ventilate with a bathroom fan, this would lower heat ,but i thought it would act as a greenhouse below the glass ?

sorry about the major post but i need sleep and lower temps ;)

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You will need a intake/outlet fan to really overcome this problem, which isnt much more of a job then a "bathroom" one. Try to make sure the light is as far as it can be from the plants to help reduce heat stress. If your G-R is fairly small and contained, maybe a 250W would be better ???

Oscillating fans are o.k but you would be better off again with a fan heater type one that would draw in air to blow out, rather than one that just circulates.

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A PC cooling fan could be your ideal solution here!

They're small and cheap and best of all cos' it's the bedroom they're quiet!!

Do a search at www.dabs.com for 'fan' and you should fand some system cooling fans for around a fiver.

Hope this helps Bud, you really do need some air exchange in there :D

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i dont think a comp fan will cut the mustard

the light i have is very hot

i managed to put it it a cupboard (next to gas meter) but i will have to watch who is knocking on my door

i agree with puffer and need an indusrial outlet fan to suck lots of heat out and a fresh intake for cold air ,

where is the best place to vent ?(under floorboards)cause i stay in a council flat with granite walls and we are unable to drill the granite.

(as soon as i move my computer closer to the cupboard i will take a picture of the progress)

and are the carbon filters any good at geting rid of the smell?

:D  :D

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Quote ~ as soon as i move my computer closer to the cupboard i will take a picture of the progress

??? Clever pc maan, mine won't do a thing for me :D

A charcoal filter would be ideal.

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