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Golden Syrup

Which kind of lighting unit do I choose?

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8 minutes ago, Danbancro said:

So are the cmh lights. The ones I found are more expensive then the leds I’m getting I’m going for higher power leds that are on a deal. What I like about amazon you get the occasional 100 pound off :D

Are you sure? This is what I was looking at:


LED Boards: www.growandharvest.co.uk/product-category/grow-lights/grow-lights-kits/led-grow-lights-kits


CMH: www.growandharvest.co.uk/product-category/grow-lights/lamps/mh-lamps/

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I've gone for a CMH from Grow and Harvest. Just the ballast, bulb and the convertor fitting. Cannot wait to see how it looks, likely going to use between two adjustable ballasts set on 400W for the final few weeks. Hopefully I can get another two 315W CMH to replace two 600W HPS.

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Ok i admit cfl are pretty weak, but i have seen such conflicting advice /view on whats better hps / cmh.


So confusing what on to choose !

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On 02/04/2018 at 4:54 PM, Golden Syrup said:

Absolutely @SeaJay or some good LED panels, when I wrote that the units that were available weren't the most efficient, lacked the proper data or whatever else but it just goes to show and give credit to how quickly LED lighting is moving forward. HLG quantum boards or grow northern teslos if you don't want to do any DIY are good choices to look at. But a CMH is just as efficient/just a bit less efficient than the best LEDs available at the moment, offer a bit better spectral output IMO (due to the UVA/B) and alot cheaper - the choice is up to you, all lighting will grow weed! 


Great article the best ive read by far!!Thanks for putting this together GS before I make a big mistake without being fully informed, have been waiting for such a long time for LEDs to develope. Still pricey!!!!

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