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Oldtimer1 Seed Drop

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OT1, if your not well enough to make any seeds at all then it's completely understandable but if you are just about well enough and it's easier to just do a Smile grow why not do a limitied edition "GoFundMe" style thread to pay for private healthcare treatment to fix the eyes, that's if the NHS treatment doesn't go through. I only say Smile because it sells well already and has a bit of a cult following. You could also run a competition for someone to design some kind of fancy packaging associated with "helped to fund healthcare treatment" and number them, it would help the souvenir value too.


Failing that, scrape up all the seed you have laying around and throw them together to be auctioned off, something like the "little hands" stuff.

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Are you for real @SolomonBruceman ? Is it me? lol 

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lol I was thinking that

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On 6/16/2018 at 2:20 PM, Dave 420 said:

Yes, he told me the same thing last week. No more smellyberry left in subbies either  :shock: 


I cant get some f2 in for around November if it helps any.



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I've had belter Oldtimes phenos and have another packet in the fridge. Smellyberry overload in the past, done a very small cross of SB for myself but for me right now C3 is the absolute nuts!

That distinctive OT1 buzz but with enough body to allow sleep.... Which is what I need these days as I'm getting old lol

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