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Some organics questions


First of all, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :)

So I had ca 4 unsuccessfull round with very poor yield. As a beginner i made a lot of mistakes, for example over watering, under watering, under feeding, over feeding, adding too much kind of fertilizers, addictives. I wanted to make it organic, so i used the BioBizz line. For veg i used Plagron Grow mix soil, for flower BioBizz All mix soil. As fertilizers i have BioBizz Grow, Bloom and now i have BioBizz Alg-amic and BioHeaven.

I want to open a diary soon, but i need some pre-discussion about some topic.

I think one of my problem is my tap water source. It has a PH of 8.2-8.4 and an EC of 0,76 (380 ppm on scale 500) after 24 hour sitting. I used BioNova Citric acid as PH down and ph’d to 6.0-6.2. I have ph’d the plain water and the water with nutritients also. Maybe this was also a mistake, i don’t know.

Then I bought now a RO system. My RO water has a 20 ppm of salts, and a PH of 8.0 by letting sit. If i add nutes the PH is 5.2.

So my questions about the water source topic:

What is the best water source in my case? (Tap, RO, Tap + RO)

If I go with RO water and use BioBizz Alg-a-mic (plus possible BioHeaven) with every waterings, it will be OK? Will it cure the Cal/Mg deficiency? If not, what else should I buy?

Should I ph my water and feed water?

How can I prevent my soil of PH goes off? Can I mix something in BioBizz All mix soil?

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The all mix soil should already be ph buffered mate. Leave all that ph/ec stuff to the hydro guys.

There are many debates on here about what water to use, with the main argument being that tap water might harm the micro herd, or specifically the myco fungi you want growing. I now get water straight from the tap and don't bother leaving it stand, hasn't made any dramatic difference that I can see but it's quite hard to tell without a proper test.

Personally I think you are probably over complicating things. Just pot up your plants. Feed them plain water till they start showing signs of hunger and then slowly introduce a feed (or pot up if needed instead).

Starting a diary on here will be the best way to get yourself some help mate :)

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Cal / Mag is rarely an issue in soil with hard water. It does happen if you lock out for some reason, and there are some strains that feel it more than others.

But in general if your watering with hard water into BioBizz I would be keeping an eye on over feeding rather than getting def's. I find BioBizz very hot for young plants with my hard water. Even LightMix can be quite stressful to seedlings right up until I get them into 3 liter pots. So bear this in mind as I find that over fert and over watering with hard water in pre fertilized soils can really resemble under feeding and lockout / def's.


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u shouldnt need to ph ur water , now u have an r.o machine u might aswell use it , u might need to use cal/mag if u get a deficiency but its gotta be better than tap water,mine is cloudy and smells of chemicals its terrible stuff,i wish i had an r.o machine,im on a water meter aswell and my last r.o machine produced alot more waste than clean water,i did have bad water pressure though which is not good with r.o filters. maybe u should save the additives until u get the hang of it

people get great results with just grow and bloom, nothing else is needed to grow a good crop. no boosters/snake oils. in the future u can have a go with innoculants and rockdust and root juice but im afraid to say most people say algamic and topmax dont do anything and are a waste of money, ive never bothered with them

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OK, thank you guys for the answers. I read a lot of, but I can't decide, and ordering a calmag product is very difficult to my country. So maybe I give an another try to tap water. And the RO water goes into the humidifier. I also have Epsom salt. So it has to go. I will open a diary.

One more question:

I have a 60x60x140 tent (in centimeter). I used 4 10 liter fabric pot. Not too big compared to my tent? My plants can grow up to just 75 cm.

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Epson salts will do the job.

I find fishmix to be very good out of all of those bio-bizz products.

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