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DUTCH PASSION's (Fem) Think Fast / Organic Grow Diary (Automaster)

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Thinkfast@2Wks, from first wetting of seeds. Automaster Organic TF / DF / PP / & FB Grow Diary.

Tony; Been wanting the savor the offspring, of the legendary, best seller Auto, The Think Different, for a while now since it first appeared a few weeks back now. As the aroma of the auto version Think Different, was an aroma, i never forgot !

The Auto TD offspring however, has bigger legs, therefore XXL yield. so i am expecting some heavy weight blooms !!.............. when it's marked up XL, it usually dose not disappoint !!

I also have a couple of Power Plant, & a couple of "DesFrans", and a couple of Freddy's Best, all fems. As i like a selection of the finest smokes !!.......... i just did the Freddy's Best sativa, and she was so flavosome! i couldn't resist popping the last three beans i had left over. All where 100% germ straight to gold Label "Special Mix....... which is infallible kit, Ph and otherwise.......... superb.

I have adapted my autopot auto valve, set up. into a 600mm square, 70mm deep horti trays. As this allows 4 TF,, and other dames, under each 576w (Photon Output) Led x3 lens'ed lighting units.

All Dame, will be feeding on the genesis, triple nute pack. Which i find is very stable nutrient, of a good concentration (μOsm/Ltr), that brings the 30ltr res Ec up to scratch with just a few 5ml squirts in a 30ltr res !!

Kit applied; on the 18/6 light regime, 4-5Wks veg;

Grow medium organic;

Gold Label "SpecialMix" Netherlands.


GreenAir genesis grow3 / Micronutrient / Bloom Nutrient fed currently at wk2, at Ec 0.3 (Nute Only), as the Gold label has a low pre added veg feed included.


Rizotonic, upto 12/12

Then Post 12/12; Palm Tree Ashes top fed slow release P & K and trace elements.

Natural Mystic, bio terpene booster last 5wks of flower, steeped, and top fed separately.

4no doses of Molasses last 4 wks flowering, but upto the beginning of flush window.

RO water used for this grow, is well aerated 72hrs, and then buffered with tap water, to a buffer limit of Ec0.3 or 250ppm. Then Ph'ed, then nutes added.

The 7Ltr pots, each have 4 capillary wicks, 25mm wide ea, 30cm long. To each 7Ltr pot. Which sits on a vented upturned 7' round tray. So when the aquavalve switches of the water @15ml deep. The soil at the pot bottom of each grow vessel "Is Not In Water". This allows the oxygen to enter the bottom vents, keeping it well aerated. To good effect.

Automated feeding regime is; Each 60cm square tray with an aqavalve in each tray, 4 Dames in each tray, gets 3.5ltrs every 3 days. So one 30ltr res last 6 days. From the main res on floor 30ltrs, 14ltrs is pumped up to the feeder header res, twice per week on auto feed timer.

So i make a Ph stable res up once a week, and leave the auto feeder to do the rest. So no hand watering at all, and no constant wet root ball, or root rot issues at all. And plenty of oxygen into the lower root matrix also.

The main and feeder res set up on "Iceline" and Aquavalve kit.


Think Fast, sativa dom; 14 days (Today) from 1st wetting, so 10 days above ground 100% germination rate.


Freddy's Best 80% sativa

Power Plant 100% sativa F9+
The Inimitable "DesFran" 100% South American High Sativa (Primordal Strain).
She is never out of the grow room nowadays.... if you have tried it, you will understand that !!....
Another sweet Amsterdam Seed Company, selection for the summer of "16", from the firm. i recon 100 days to full ripeness... just how i like it, flushing amber power house !!...So harvest last week of July for the PP and FB, the DF and the new fem the TF may go the 100 days. We shall see.
Will be updating around 14 day windows, due to work commitments, and the auto system, making me photo lazy !!............. i only go in there twice a week now, and one of those is just to make up the 30ltr res for the week. I have still got the lights out room heater 1kw on, due to, still well below average outdoor temps this year. The nature "Don" Chris packham, canceled "SpringWatch" this year......... the rooks aint bothered nesting either, must be a shite spring again !!
Thanks for dropping in all, best to all Automaster

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Good luck mate not that u need it look forward to seeing the think fast

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DUTCH PASSION's (Fem) Think Fast / Organic Grow Diary (Automaster)

Day 20 Update; They have shot up well in the last 6-7 days. So has outdoor ambient temps. Jumping up from a best high of 8-11c to 25c in 2 days ??............ RH (Relative Humidity) has not jumped up though, room RH is 28-32, ie (Low VPd). Room High 28.5, with 14c non passive input to room. Pulling in outdoor night time low temps 9-14c....... knocking 6-8c off room temps. Thank god the night time low temps are still below 10c !!

Nute Ec is at 0.5 A bit stiffer for the hungry fems, at this stage, still on a low pre nute at day 20, in the Gold Label "Special Mix"......... do like that grow medium.

They are at 4th internode right now, so will be topping them all tonight. Due to the wicks in each 7ltr pot 4no capillary wicks. And good availability of feed water. Growth has been superb so far, from this 100% germination set.

Recon we could have a outdoor ambient come end of June, July, of 30c plus. Could be an issue if it dose go ballistic temp wise. my light set runs at 3c above outdoor ambient.

All good so far then............ recon the ThinkFast will push a good yield out.......... just got a feeling about the pheno/geno of these Dames.

Thinkfast 80% Sativa




DesFran 100% Sativa


PowerPlant 100% Sativa



Freddy's Best Sativa 80% Sativa



The Aquavalve with solo cover have been put into the 590mm square feeder trays, with 4no 7ltr pots in each, with a 5ltr small pot in the middle of the 4no 7ltr pots. Aquavalve supplying them in each tray, to a water depth of 10-15mm. Which is mainly gone within 36hrs !. Summer has arrived with a bang ! In the mid 80's...... the climate scientists said by 2015, if we dont get co2 below 500mg/L in air. That the summers would be shorter and much hotter. And the winters much longer and much colder. Correct !!

Thanks for dropping in DP troopers..........next update arond the 18th, just before 12/12 !.... Automaster

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hope its all going well and warming up AM, hope to see these getting bigger over the coming weeks. Good luck

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DUTCH PASSION's (Fem) Think Fast / Organic Grow Diary (Automaster) UPDATE Day 39 Flower day 10.

Hi all; it's been 19 days since last update at day 20. So went 12/12 on day 29. 29 days of veg. Now day 10 flowering.

Finally been able to switch off the lights out heater !!....... as outside day ambient temps have finally risen, to something sensible. All be it, only a few days from the middle summer equinox !!

As the RH has risen, so has the growth performance. They have pushed on greatly. In particular the "Think Fast"......

RO water, buffered to 150-180ppm with hard tap water

Room RH 43 lights on.

Room Temp; H 26.5 L 22c

Nute only Ec 0.5 Still N biased. Still on grow 2 & Microbase,

silicone Ph up

PO4 Ph down.

Res temp 22c Perfect.

Grow Medium; Dutch Gold Label "Special Mix" nout added.

They where topped at center stem at day 22. And energy re distribution has seen the side bows rocket up the sides of these ThinkFast Dames. Hopefully the topping will curtail height of these TF's..... as they can stretch quite a bit, i have heard. The DesFran as allways has been topped, and LST'ed with weights, as she likes to re elevate after LST'ing !! but with one ounce fishing weights on her bows, she aint so quick to stand up again !!......... Very pleased with the volume on these TF's so far. predicates a large yield of flowers from these new strain Top Dutch Dames. For 19 days growth, that aint bad volume !!

Here they are then; ThinkFast / Power Plant / DesFran (Fems) Automaster.

Think Fast




Power Plant




DesFran; Only have 2 DF's this run;

The second is buried in there somewhere,

Heres one im nursing out of the crowd !! DF.


All going along very well so far........ well pleased at size at day 39 just gone 5wks from hatch...... nice kit as allways..... AM
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Buddy...your think fast's are beating the piss out of mine at the same age!!(outdoor currently as of last week)

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hope its all going well and warming up AM, hope to see these getting bigger over the coming weeks. Good luck

Thanks Tone,....... they just gone 12/12 so should be a nice size, mid flower.......... cant wait to souf the aroma of the "TF".... with the TD heritage....... looking forward to the new one bro...Automaster

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subbed in for this one AM

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As ever mate, lovely stuff, full of detail and reasoning.... gonna be a great journal this one. Just wish I was back home, I'd love to smoke a joint of that DesFran with you.

I'm watching to see how huge the Think Big gets, cos that's next on my schedule. I'm thinking one will be enough for my set up compared to the usual 3.... maybe even a scrog due to the longer veg time?

All the best Bro!

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DUTCH PASSION's (Fem) Think Fast / Organic Grow Diary (Automaster) UPDATE Day 58 8wks Flower day 28 4wks.

its been 19 days since last update. I must say at this stage, 4wks into flowering, that the Think fast is very consistent in size, pheno/geno type, on this particular germ outcome. And since the 12/12 the appetite has soared.

I first noticed, they snatched back some mobile elements from the large lower fans a bit to early on in the flowering. Giving me feed back, as to appetite. They where on an Ec of 0.6 nute only. I have now lifted this by 0.3 to 0.9. And lifted the calcium tap water buffering to 250ppm ltr. Warding off any calcium def that the greedy TF may try to develop, as they get greedier !

No other enhancer will be used this run. Ie Bio heaven, or molasses. To keep thing pure. The genesis nute is given in equal portions of Bloom and "Micronutrient". made upto 0.9 Ec plus buffer and silicone Ph up. Phos Ph down.

They seem to like the wicks. As they can take what they want from the 1ltr round tray, the wick tray sits in. So no root in water at all. And they seem to benefit from this extra oxygen into the root matrix, right next to wicks. They are watered with 1ltr every, 2 to 3 days dependent on room temps, had a max of 31c of late. RH has risen to 48-51 now. With 5wks of flowering left, the PK boost will start soon. The beans have fallen my way with these Think fast fems............ the gold label continues to give no issues of Ph rise at the mo. very good medium, now on 2nd run with it. very pleased to now day 58 two months in now. One month fruitification.

Think Fast fem, (Hungry Dames) 80% sativa




DesFran 100% sativa, pushing on well.



DP classics

Next update at 6wks flowering.............. they will be on the Pk boost by then. Thanks for looking in all Automaster

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They look real nice AM

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They look real nice AM

Cheers styer bro................ forgot to say, in the last update. The aroma in the room from these Thinkfasts.......... is mesmerizing, cant think of a better word to sum it up. That TD hue, is so, well just very fruity......... cant stay out of the space, for the treat of the TF aroma .............. pre curser to the smoke flavors................. she is mental.................. Automaster

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DUTCH PASSION's (Fem) Think Fast / Organic Grow Diary (Automaster) UPDATE Day 70 10wks Flower day 42 6wks.

Dutch passion tony said this on afn......... few days ago......regarding ThinkDifferent auto,.Think Fast Fem, is big sister.

The Qs; from the grower was "What is the best allrounder" in the DP seed banks..collection

I like the bit re endo binoid system............

Tony say's.....

Think Different remains one of my favourites from our entire collection, BUT different people have different individual preferences. Some folk have strong preferences to indica-leaning varieties. One colleague of mine "Automaster" only has sativa varieties. And plenty of customers have converted to CBD-rich varieties. One thing I would say is that I have not been able to to discern any difference between the best autos and photoperiod strains for a few years now. The other thing I would say is that each person tends to get a slightly different effect from a given variety. Maybe our own bodies react differently (I guess we each have our own unique endo cannabinoid system).

Its not the ideal answer, but I think it takes a few different grows of different varieties in order to find the variety that ticks all the right boxes. And different people have different favourites. Hows that for a confusing answer clear.png

Day 70 10 wk update;

Started flush today at wk10 !!....................... fast is the right word for these Dames, Thinkingfast !!.......... with 12 day pure RO flush straight to root, but no wet root at all !!.......... clever that !!........................ that done in 82 days from first wetting the beans........... there is no ThinkFast Diary on afn either !!.............

They are full of trichs in the last 14 day 2wks.......... loading.......... saving me nearly a month on an 115 day fem......... nice one tony/Jo/henk....!!......... if i could clone seed the fast finishing TD pheno, of the TF i got in there, it would be the ROLLS TF !!

Looking forward to that day. They have been on PK for 3.7wks at a PK Ec of 0.4, and an overall Ec of 0.93 and Ec 0.35 bloom nute. No mollas, no bud stims, no bud liqueurs, nothing............... the sweet leaf is loaded !! as are the purified "RO" flowers....... the full terps. The aroma of the TF is...............90% "THINK DIFFERENT"............... BOUNTIFUL!! INEXPIABLE !! AND FAST


DesFran on Right PowerPlant on left


ThinkFast fem




ThinkDifferent TF Pheno........ sweet perps



The purity method........
The 15ltr "Tall Rose Pot" sit on an upturned round tray, with 2 holes 10mm in bottom to let in the 30cm wicks. That sit in a larger round tray, which acts as 2ltr res, and last "sativas" 2 days. I only feed 1 to 1.25ltrs every 2 days for these sativas. Hydro Eco strains !!........... they hate wet roots sativas............. but they love this purity method. The root eventually makes its way into the bottom tray, but never venture out from under !!.............. like a centre vein shot on feeding post dry. !! they love it.....
2no wicks under the inner upturned res tray



So from this, day 10


To this day 70 ie 60 days, from above pic.


TWO MONTHS 60 DAYS.................... NOT BAD.......... WOWSER ...........................Automaster

Harvest update next Tone mate.............. thanks all for dropping in.................. i can say, Thinkfast (is Fast!) There can be no doubt that it will be gone Fast en all !!...........Automaster

Edited by AutoMaster
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Just a quick update, as above but with lights out at day 74 and day 48 flowering ThinkFast PoerPlant And DesFran.........

ThinkFast fem, all Day 74



DesFran (Right) PoerPlant (Left)


PowerPlant colas 100% Sativa F9+


Flush starts today for 10 days, am well happy with a very heavy trich load for day 74. Automaster
Edited by AutoMaster
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Looking great as usual @@AutoMaster, they are some fast growing plants you got there :)

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