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coco starter pots for gg plant out?


Im growing some ducks under lights.

Planning to veg them up to grow in the garden in the ground after last frost.

The other plants in my indoor grow are in coco so it would suit me to veg the ducks in coco too.

Im prepping outdoor compo at present, and planning to put

1 in prepped native soil

1 in a big cut down drum using soil or coco or whatever, about 50l , in my gg, water on site.

1 in a 10 or 15 litre bucket or trug . For the garden, not overlooked. This is the proposed mobile unit, to possibly force flower or take to the local WI flower show lol

My question , is it ok to grow in coco during veg and then potting into soil later? Should be cool?

Im preppin up compo this avo, how would you play it?

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I usually start seedlings or cuts in 500ml or pint pots of coco ready to plant outdoors, soon as they are over six inch tall they are good to go, anything larger and carrying plants to the grow area outdoors can be problematic if its a good distance away.

Outdoors coco will improve the soil a little though as it contains no nutrients be sure there is plenty of compost or native soil in the mix and be ready to add chicken manure pellets later on 'Sparingly' as they can be hot so keep them away from the stems, fish blood and bone is good too though some animals like to dig it up, 1-2 small inch cubed pieces of fresh fish at the bottom of a hole will help too, just be sure any dead fish is deep down as it can get very hot but will last all through the grow outdoors if planting in the ground, you want the roots to find this after a month or so of root growth, add bio active mycorrhizae and so on to make the most of it.

Just noticed you are in the garden, chuck as much compost & manure at them as possible if they are close by as lugging it around may not be an issue, plain coco would be handy in the pots as you can water daily improving growth rates if this is convenient and you will likely have coco nutrients already handy.

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hi@@Indicaderek briliant reply, I will follow all that advice, just picked up about a box of pellets,

also blood, bone and fish powder, love it!

I will def do the real fish pieces and Im going to get a real special fish for the purpose, something hard hitting

and spiritual like salmon


Above, my pikey patch, Ive squatted this and more for over12 years. The owners are aware now

but they've left me alone to use it as my own, we have reached an understanding. If they sold up, then maybe...

This is the barrel im planning to use, Im guessing the bottom third of it about 50l. for a pot

Nice and strong


One or two frisian ducks can grow 'out' of the woodpile and behind it in coco pots.

Outside, in addition to the ducks, Im growing out a handful of Sweet Tooth regs with the intention of selecting

a male and female to make seeds to collect from the outdoors harvest.

The sites for these are walkin distance on two or three nettle plots, one or two plants each, so no probs getting anything to site.

Lots of folk I know in their 60s and 70s grow weed in their gardens and greenhouses in the summer some are quite open about it and others are simply notorious! Its a bit like Last of the Summer Wine on mdma

White rhino is quite a popular garden grow round here

nice one derek :D

dog :oldtoker:

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That's a big old barrel you will have a 15ft tree in that

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Good luck mate. I like how you can stay there in piece and not get any hassle !

Did you go for the ducks for stealth reasons.

Pulling up a chair for this one.

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Nice plot @@autodog, I just used mackerel as its cheap, any dead fish quickly releases ammonia which is full of nitrogen, adding a microbial tea speeds up the natural decomposition making it more readily available to plants, this may or may not help with mould resistance later on as the bacteria and fungi in such brews can colonise the plant as well as soil/roots. Just keep dead fish at a good depth of two feet or more as the ammonia will burn roots on contact and stinks besides inviting curious animals.

A lot of growers here like to use bottomless pots as it allows roots to dry out along with providing plenty of moisture and nutrients from any native soil available beneath the pot, even a few holes will allow roots to dig down deep with the option of moving the plant if hard pressed.

If that's a pile of wood ash with some charcoal pictured I would be adding a handful to mix well in each 50 litres of soil and top dress in flowering though I would skip this for plain coco as coco doesn't usually have the necessary bio-activity for most organic feeds as others have proven on 420, wood ash may mess with the ph in plain coco too. Go easy on the Fish/blood/bone until plants are larger, same with chicken manure pellets as they are hot fertilisers and you can't take it out once its in, as with any ferts little and often is the way.

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Hi thanks, for the interest

@@Gurilla87 cheers man I cut it and put some half inch holes for drainage and training if needed.

the waste piece has made 2 handy rings, to be filled with compo or coco

Yes its probably ambitious. I often go a bit ott.

Im planning to go from the starter pots to 1litre then 6l airpot then 15litre airpot for veg indoors under 600w

and see how it goes

I would ****in love to grow a tree! Have you done this? No one is likely to see and notice it.


@@The_Blue_Bus thanks for the good wishes. Yes it has been quite lucky so far. I had to deal with the owners after the first 8 years of occupation, grassed up by a jealous neighbour. The owners simply asked me not to clear any further plots

That was 4 years ago and I havn't heard from them since. I think they just dont want trouble or defend a claim in court.

It has taken a bit of nerve to front out the neighbour (r.i.p) and the owners but so far so good, nothing ventured and all that.

Its a just a game of land taking. The owner saw I had put a fence and a vehicle access onto the site and just kind of shugged!

Some people consider squatting is like theft

but the ancient and now degraded rights of squatters exist to prevent land being wasted by dereliction


Yes, growin the ducks for stealth, but really for fun, I couldn t resist

Even though Im growing in a genuine guerilla garden, its considered my yard locally. I have a little indoor grow

going so I think this may be a good choice.

Im just trying it out and I love plants with colour. I wish Id ordered more seeds really, 3 was tight!


Great hearin from you all

cheers :oldtoker:

Edited by autodog

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@@Indicaderek thanks man!

your knowledge is awesome Im gonna use all that! you sound like someone I can actually understand


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Good on you for doing that mate, there should be more people doing what you do. Up here in Scotland big greedy Establishment landlords own like ALL the land, just a handfull of them at that.

People like me could live off the land if I was given a small patch of it... but no they don,t want people doing that do they.

Those Ducks look great seedlings, nice, compact and uniform, always wanted to do the duck and plant it right under peoples noses.

Edited by The_Blue_Bus
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thats ok bro, didnt know you had them going already they look ok, all the best look foward to seeing how they do, maybe ill come forward a couple of weeks. there was frost my way this moring though rain next few days

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@@The_Blue_Bus yeah i hadnt really thought bout how the size of land holdings affects ownership but that does sound medaeval

Can you grow outside? What strains?

I love the magic mushroom harvest in the highlands of Scotland,you can pick in a day what takes a season here

Cheers, the ducks germed good tap roots in 48 hrs and sprouted from soil the day after going into pots ,so far so good,

I cant afford to lose a single one


Its still pretty cold here, 1 or2 at night tops. I just got the ducks out to show them the sun. They re in 24hr hps heaven for a few weeks..

I honestly dont know if I can veg them up to start filling 50litres in 6 weeks or not, but i want them as big as poss if only for a laugh

What you cookin?

Happy trails

Edited by autodog

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Yeah it certainly is medevil.

Grew and smoked some purple maroc last year, growing loads of strains this year they are in my diary Scottish Kush project think it's 12 strains or something.

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Thanks will check it. The marocs sound tempting, good reports from these pages...seed buying is so addictive .

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