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The Villan

Diawa Sensor Brown Monofil.... how to....

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Oxlease is a lovely lake though.. :) I like features to fish to, and there's only one island there but it's big, and the end where the island is seems to be my fav spot on that lake :)

Best of luck there @@The Villan .. She's home to a record 52lb(Lady had it out last from corner of island) :)

Ah size is not all that matters in this game, that's some nice looking carp there mate, especially the ghostie :), thank's for sharing these mate, glad you enjoyed yourself :yep:

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Sorry for delay :)

We went to oxlease but it took us 45 mins driving around the lakes to find a swim that was free, we watched two anglers leaving a swim and jumped in.

Had a great two days but I drew my first blank, my m8 had two big tench, one in the evening and one at 3 in the morning.

Funnily enough only 5 fish had come out of all the lakes in the past 3 days, no-one was having any luck, but we went on the website the next day and the fish had started feeding again.

I was a little overwhelmed actually being my first time on a big lake, but really enjoyed the peace and tranquility apart from a mad hour when two young lads were attemoting to put 100 spombs into the ake in quick succession... everyone to their own I suppose, my older m8 wasnt impressed hahaha.

My lad has booked us Furzebray lake for the end of June so will be bivvying up again with the big boys.

Am looking forward to it :)


Oh and I got two Mission X 12ft 2.75 curve carp rods off me nephew in-law so will be using them for the first time :)

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@@The Villan

Niceone V..Sounds like you had a blast,funny when Im after Tench I more often than not catch carp/bream.

Can be a tricky fish to target so well done your mate on his double.

Good luck next time your out.


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