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autodog 3: Frisian duck + autos

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Thankyou my friend, your advice is treasure. I fancy an early trial smoke from a bud I have an eye on. Annother week or two till sample?@@912GreenSkell

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You will do fine with the Blueberry!! Just remember two things....in early stage she is prone to over fertilizing and over watering. Excellent growing man! Quite a bit of frost on the auto dew!

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Some pics from yesterday. Of my 3 auto Frissian Dew, the green pheno is much bigger than the blue phenos






The Forest Dreams have got established, and I've taken cuts from the biggest plant to grow indoors. I want to see how this performs under lights because its listed as indoor and as an outdoor strain. One of the cuts was rooted after 10 days. Smoke reports on this strain are promising a tasty hazy harvest.


The Ducks.

Below, the clone Ducks in The Frissian Field


These clones are doing well, catching up with their mothers in another plot, nice and green. Mature outside plants are being fed on tomato feed at 3/4 strength, about 1.6 ec,about one feed a week, depending on the weather. It's generally been wet.


The Ducks are all quite uniform, mothers and clones. Leaf shapes vary on the plants - each plant contains a variety of leaf shapes. As they mature, the single long even leaves predominate. None look like canna plants. The trident shaped, ducks foot leaves are still very evident in later veg.

The original march grown Ducks are flowering, but in slow motion compared to the auto Frissie Dew.

The Sweet Tooth f2 subbies by @@bill cooper

Indoors under 600w, 4 plants blazing on weight, on Canna Flush only for a week now.

I have cropped a little because I've had some rot on one plant and lost an eighth oz. They will all be down as soon as I can get time.

I'm not used to maintaining a lights out enviro and my lights out temps have been too low, probably been too humid and not enough ventilating.

All this is being dealt with. My veg room now provides warm air for lights out in the flowering room. A 2nd oscilating fan is also needed to blow through the lower growth.

I've got to the end of my first regs grow with some success and I'm very pleased with the buds. They're big and fruity. The plants have actually stayed quite small under 12/12, the size of a large auto, 18" -24". I found the Sweet Tooths easy and uncomplaining to grow. They remain very green and neat even now. Not fed higher than 5 mils per litre Canna Terra Flores. Nothing else.

I'm sold on growing regs and fems in my grows as well as autos from now on.

4 under a 600w has suited me well. 10 litres of water did the job, every 2 days through 12/12 once in flower.

A mixed grow seems to suit me best. I am realising that my indoor grows are strongly connected to the season outdoors.

Happy gardening


Edited by autodog

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When I started this diary I had little experience of growing weed outdoors. I'd tried growing lots of times but without much success.

In the early 1980s proper methods of growing were known only to a few and there was plenty of misinformation to confuse growers. I never managed to grow buds and was happy to smoke the unformed flowers and even shade leaves. There was less money around in those days and some people used the whole plant, even used the stalks and roots to add to home brewed wine. There was thinking that the active properties of cannabis flowed to the leaves when the harvested plants were hung upsidedown.

I suppose I learned the basics though, how to soak and sow to propagate seeds and how to recognise gender.

This year with help from my friends at uk420 I've actually grown a few good plants which will make lots of buds if my luck holds for a few more weeks.

It feels like a massive long project already and its only the second week of July. I think this is where the early autoflowers are going to make things quicker.

i must admit that I was sceptical about growing autos outdoors to start with. Autos are relatively expensive compared to fems which can be propagated endlessly from a single seed.

The auto Frisian Dew especially the green pheno have been very fast, to my (limited) experience. I'm going to give this babe one good shot of Canna Flores and then let her drink rainwater only for the remainder


The auto Frissies have sharp distinctive smells a bit like fruity pencil rubbers. I will treat myself to a smoke next weekend, or at least cut a good bud to dry.

gallery_96585_12382_131647.jpg gallery_96585_12382_157638.jpg

The auto Durbans are coming on well for second harvest, i hope.


The auto Euforia now about one month old was planted out this week with full metal copper slug kit. The Bayer slug pellets I have at the mo seem pretty toxic to slugs but it seems to be attracting them too. Slugs and rodents are my constant enemy, retreating to lull me then advancing on mass along neglected lines of defence. If only I had prepared better fences and cages. But then its all new really and its a lot of fun, kept me involved with something good. A great activity if you have the time.

This year I have given myself the time but there is still never enough of it. I will be much better organised next time im shallah.

I've got some more pics to put up but I'm going to post this before it gets too long and I lose the plot


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The Frisian Ducks

These fabulous quackers are flowering slowly in their own sweet time. The clones have done well too. These girls are strong and strapping, robust.

Feckin rabbit got into the Frisian plot and got a few heads off one plant but nothing too bad.

The Ducks make me smile and even laugh out loud. But then I do have a lot of weed to smoke



Above. This clone, Artillery Duck shown earlier is one of the best, 5ft high and very bushy and green. Next to her is my Female Seeds Purple Maroc.


Below, the Bramble Duck flower. I wanted to grow one or two monsters this season. I'm not sure how big I can grow but I'm fascinated to see if I can grow something impressive. I know it sounds egotistical or competitive or stupid from a security point of view but these really don't look like canna.


Goodbye to my SweetTooth f2s. Cropped them last week, lovely little plants great smoke with depth to the stone nice and fresh at the mo.

The rot did end up destroying some good bud but less than 1/2 ounce, but it made me crop on time and the plants were ripe anyway. Everytime I think I've nailed it something goes wrong to remind me not to get complacent or take it to the limits of temps, vents, nutes, lights, pests, the list of trip ups gets longer each grow.

It's not often that I've had comments or likes on pics posted to gallery but I got a couple of nice ones for this pic of the SweetTooth



So the grow room is nearly empty again. The summer temps mean that I can veg under a 250w hps on a 20/4 pattern and temps stay at a nice 25 or 27c during the day, 18 or 20c lights out. I'm cooking up a tasty new indoor grow.


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These seedlings are autos, Blackbery Kush and Mazar. They're 10-14 days old and ready to pot up.

i'm planning to grow 1 or 2 of them indoors in the new grow which will be with vegging fems and one or 2 will be the last of my outdoor plant outs in about 2 weeks.

Should just about have enough time to ripen outside in the late summer into autumn,we'll see.

I keep wondering how nice it would be to have a few autos growing in a finca in the hills in Andalucia with sunshine every day.

But there's a dark side of course.

Howard Marks' last book Mr Smiley is a good read, flows more than 'Mr Nice', less dense. The new and final book covers the mad 90s years from his pov. The rave and club scene, mdma and canna trade. There's surely some fantasy elements in the narrative but so what. He weaves in a story with images as from 'No Country for Old Men' or 'Snatch'. The book reminded me of some great times and it gave me a few fucked up pieces of the jigsaw of my experiences back then.

gallery_96585_12486_561461.jpg gallery_96585_12486_205661.jpg

The Forest Dream, the one I took a cutting from, is getting nice and big with huge fan leaves. She's growing in the China Bowl plot with another Dream and the outdoor Sweet Tooth f2 which is also big and bushy 4'-5' tall.

This is an outland plot more at risk of discovery since a rough sleeper set up camp nearby a while ago. I've seen no one yet. Not going looking either. The plot hasn't been disturbed and I'm keeping out of the way, fingers crossed.

The 3 plants here are pretty much left to themselves.

Edited by autodog

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Excellent growing man!! Really nice plants!

Hey my friend..don't do it for ego or for spirit of competition, grow monsters for the tons of weed they give you! ;)

Edited by 912GreenSkell

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Hi 912, I think I'm really growing for fun. The jars are rammed! Good seein ya man, cheers. Just gonna have to sneak a look into your garden and see how big you're growing your weed. It's generally a shock!

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A few days of hot sun at the mo. Just in time for my first run of outdoor autos to finish. The seeds were a surprise gift from Tony in April. I hadn't planned on doing outdoor autos. The first group were these auto Frisian Dew and the biggest plant will be cropped as soon as the weather breaks. These have exceeded all expectations. With an indoor/outdoor veg in medium and small pots, then planted out in the ground at 4 weeks. Some in coco pots, some in compost. The coco pot plants didnt do so well because they held too much moisture in the rainy spring and early summer.

gallery_96585_12382_232262.jpg gallery_96585_12382_87235.jpggallery_96585_12382_641173.jpg gallery_96585_12382_169538.jpg

The autos are budding up nicely. One of the auto Durbans has grown very big and has outgrown the mature green pheno auto Dew.

The copper foil slug jackets are working well so far and I've more or less stopped throwing the slug pellets about. Good. They cause slime death and mess and attract slugs. This is typical of my current efforts to keep ahead of the slimers, in cannabis culture at least.

The Auto Euforia has found her land legs

gallery_96585_12382_655953.jpg gallery_96585_12382_573966.jpg

Fresh bud from the biggest of the auto Dews. Smelling nice and sharp still a kind of synthetic red berry note like flavoured bottle water.


The Ducks are rampant, very bushy, taking their time, a couple are 5 and a half feet tall and crowding out neighbouring plants.

Hope your all your gardens are growing well.

Tony thanks for some great seeds. The autos are working!!


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It's just lush greenery all the way mate!

Good luck with the new ones..... it's great that you're getting some nice sunny weather for them to get a good start.

Can't wait to see how the Ducks are doing!

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On mornings when I don't go to work I like to smoke a j after breakfast, with a real nice cup of coffee and have a look at uk420.

This morning I'm really pleased to be savouring the fruits of my first outdoor auto bud. I picked a small side bud from the green auto Frisian Dew and dried it in the

sunshine for a couple of days. In the fast dry, the scent has gone and flavour is neutral but the high is there! It feels great. Slightly energetic and edgy, rushy at the mo. At first I thought it wasn't going to work, and then it crept up quite suddenly after a couple of minutes. It's a great moment. I know how to grow weed fast outdoors. Its not been too difficult now I can see how its done.

I've smoked pot for decades and it cost me a fortune and wasted hours driving to the ghetto to score every 4 weeks to buy an ounce of hash or average weed. Growing my own weed has been a revolution and made me self sufficient and given me a new focus. Its been spiritually uplifting. I've got choices and flavours and different medicine for the time of day and occasion. Today the occasion is High Summer. There's a little heat wave going on. @@teehee come and walk around my cannabis gardens with me before it gets too hot.

In my Pikey Plot, 3 gorgeous Ducks


Here is another original Duck, germinated mid Feb, planted out big 1st April. Next year I will start 2 weeks later. I'm wondering if the clones have some kind of advantage, or if they're doing better because they were planted out later.


In the Frisian Field, 4 clone sisters doing well. The rabbits gnawed through the plastic mesh to make an assault on one of the ducks a couple of weeks ago. This has only happened once in the season so I haven't replaced the mesh, just reinforced it a bit but I wont use plastic mesh again as a primary defence.

Edited by autodog

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lost a bit there... Frisian Field



This is an original duck

Some great leaves gallery_96585_12382_433410.jpg


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Forest Dream. This is the best of three. Cuttings from this one are the basis for my next indoor grow. This is the China Bowl plot


This one grown from my subbie seeds by @@bill cooper. I reckon she's shaping up to be a monster


Check out my biggest garden auto to date. Nice comment from @@Mohamedbear, thanks man


Female Seeds Purple Maroc, only the best of 4 survived but after being eaten, ripped, left 2 days, cut and regrown, she's looking good now!



summer love :oldtoker:

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I've just finished trimming up the bud from the Sweet Tooth f2s, 4 under a 600w. It's dry and and I've trimmed away all the stalks. I had some mould on one plant in the last week of the grow so I'm being careful not to let it stay hidden inside the flowers on the branches. Some buds did get at least partly destroyed. Sounds tough, but in relation to the whole crop, it's not a biggie.

I'm going to weigh it all up this avo. I want to see how far I am from achieving a 1 gram per wat grow and then assess my techniques used so far.

I had about 4 litres of crystal trim from my auto and Sweet Tooth harvests.

Decided to learn how to make use of this stuff which I would have paid to smoke once upon a time.

I weighed out a rough 50 grams of trim and spread it on 2 flat baking trays in the oven @ 105c ( I bought a cooking thermometer very cheap)

for 30 minutes. This smells great! Try not to expect straight visitors.

I used 3 jars of coconut oil from the supermarket.

I boiled half a pint ish water, simmer, add the decarbed trim and scoop in the oil. Simmered 2+ hours low as possible.

Leave to cool a bit then strained it though one of Mrs D's Ibiza cheesecloth shirts. Squeezed out the fat goodness into a bowl, in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, look what I made. Was much easier than I thought. I reckon it's going to be ****in strong.


It tastes nice, a bit earthy and goaty, raw coconut, soft and weeedy. Ooh a bit slimy. Love how coconut and cannabis go together at different times. I'm going to test drive it now.

One spoonful, 10 am.....

Before that kicks in back to the grow room.

I'm enjoying how I'm doing things at the mo. I like having plenty of space in the grow room, starting off in coco and then flowering in compo, trying to find what works best and also easiest. Now the jars are full, doing lower wat small multi strain grows in search of The Grail.

I don't feel like I have unlimited time and there are many strains of cannabis for me to search through. So wonderful that cannabis has such a short life cycle. It gives a nice space for time perspective and some hope of achieving multiple grows in a lifetime. The strains I'm growing next are going to be more sativa. Everything seems to be changing and I am changing too. Things that I used to believe, I no longer believe. For example, I always kind of thought that I didn't like skunk weed. Too strong for a hash smoker, made my eyes red, over the top jail- bait smell etc. My tastes are changing now that I know a little bit about different weeds. I now suspect that I'm ready to enjoy something more skunky.


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Right then, the canna coco oil. 50g trim and 3 x .283l jars. I had one level tea spoon at 10 am. Now it's half one pm. I feel medicated a bit like some painkillers, happy, can do stuff like organise plants and weigh up the harvest. It's a good strong buzz feel confident no paranoid shit, I'm really pleased with the coco oil. Still going strong after 3 and a half hours.

Can type for a bit so the weigh of my first photo and regs grow came to 400g of really nice dry bud. I'm well happy. This is all getting quite magical :oldtoker: Might be time for a nap :oldtoker:


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