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autodog 3: Frisian duck + autos

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That nightqueen looks freaking awesome man!! Well done! In fact...i regret not getting any night queen now after seeing that!!

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@@912GreenSkell Thanks man! Im particularly proud of the one shown. Shes only about 1ft high. A real beaut with sexy blunt top buds.

The smoke is wicked even tho its fresh.

One of the a. Night queens is in a 10 litre airpot and is noticably taller, more like the ultimates in shape, but this one has cool looking purple tones in the buds

One other not shown, all3 still flowering.

Just cropped 2 a. Ultimates at day 84. They are were just buds on sticks. Smelt quite fuelly on top of the fruity smell.

One more will go on to the weekend. These plants were all quite big girls and theyve grown loads in the last 2 weeks

Growing weed is ****in awesome!

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This is the last of the a. ultimates, still has a few days to go. She's been on fresh water for 2 weeks


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Bramble Duck suffered from rodent predation. Much diminished in size, she survives and grows.

The Ducks have been out in the cold for over a month with several frosty mornings.




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@@912GreenSkell how goin man? I know your interested in finishing times. I think the auto night queens finished about a week ahead of the auto ultimates under lights. I grew 3 of each

I prefer the bud stricture of the ANQ, super dense and amazingly frosted.

Under a magnifier the trichromes are packed together, many amber hued

I love this plant

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This is the last of my winter autos. An auto night queen, she was topped by accident but this produces a more even bud size


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Auto night queen


Up to now, all the plants that I've shown have been grown from seeds that I ordered and payed for myself.

Proud to introduce some new strains to the diary, thanks to the big hearted Dutch Passion Tony

who has sent me a fab selection of DP outdoor seeds. Cheers man, I am enjoying growing some out

starting with these babes


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Enjoying the diary man. Thinking about planting some ducks nect year. So intreagued as to how you get on. All the best and look forward to a smoke repot.

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@@autodog - Going well thanks! Dude that ANQ looks amazing...screw this shit...grabbed a pack of Auto Night Queen and Auto White Widow too!!!! :D That ANQ looks just too damn fantastic!! 3 of 4 of my autos are doing great. My autoultimate came up with a yellow cotyledon(spelling?) and is tiny compared to the other 3. :( Decided to sprout another, and will run the stunty girl in my test garden(7 hours of sun), unless in a week or so she is doing really poorly then i will do the unthinkable and cull her.(gasp!) Look forward to seeing the forest dream result...sound like an interesting smoke!

@@walnutpolecat - I too am running a single duck outdoors here in central/eastern canada. I'll be writing a med based smoke/grow report upon completion.

Edited by 912GreenSkell

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Is it me or is the 50litre duck going to me a giant by completion?

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It's funny how I never heard of this duck variety and all of a sudden in a couple weeks they're everywhere

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Hi @@912GreenSkell, yeah there's somethin special about the ANQ. Its a lovely smoke. I asked Mrs Dog what she thought of the

ANQ high:

"Its dark and deep, a night time smoke, sweet like a dessert, of spicy christmas pudding soaked in brandy, a heady scent which reminds me of a rich old womans perfume, and with an outbreath reminiscent of sage.The effect gives me a very female feeling (Mrs Dog is well connected to her male side) and is suited to bed time use only, for sexual congress followed by deep sleep"

of the Auto Ultimate, Mrs Dog said:

"The high gives me a great clear feeling which reminds me of this expansive feeling that follows a sniff of good coke. I was looking at Johnnie, (the dog, who was poorly at the time) and realised that we had known each other in a previous incarnation. Johnnie was a wolf who saved my life when I was a young child in annother life.

I know that he has recognised me also and that I must now save his life at all costs. This blow is very strong, too much for me."

Mrs Dog complimented me on my growing ability and told me that I was a good hunter and gatherer, which pleased me.

Johnnie the dog is fine now, but he may have been a little too stoned himself and just needs to lift his tolerance

Mrs Dog loves lighter stoning weed and strong weed makes her a little paranoid and can take her to dark places. Northern Lights is her smoke of choice above all others atm

912 sometimes its worth pulling the stunters and popping a fresh bean or 2. I had to cull one of my Ultimates (post no. 8) its hard but I felt better not having to worry about it. Great that its mostly going well for you.

Re Forest Dream

Yeah Im really happy to be growing this. It's listed as a new strain, dont think it was out last year. I can tell there is genuine enthusiasm for this smoke underneath the advertising.

Its a fem, classified as a sativa, which I haven't grown before. So far the plants have fat bladed leaves though.

They sprouted fast, 3 out 3, all 6" to12" high and ready to go out in the garden. About between 2 to 3 weeks old atm

I've become a bit of a seed buying fiend in the last few months and spent loads of dosh so it was great to be sent a fat goody bag of outdoor seeds by @@DutchPassionTony

Auto Frisian Dew

Again, 3 out of 3. I was worried I'd **** up the seeds because they were free. Instead, I'm getting top germination rates. My rates for germing autos has been poor in the past, scarcely 6 out of 10

I always soak the seeds for 12 to 36 hours before putting them in coco.

Ive tried tap water (for soil) and water ph'd to 5.8 in coco, but with dismal results.

Recently though, and following guidance in the Dutch Passion catalogue, I just ph the water to 7 instead of the 5.8 (which I was advised by the grow shop guy)

Seems to have made all the difference. Having said all that, one seedling was tardy and slightly week looking and is under scrutiny.

The Auto Frisians Dew are in 6l airpots. When they fill these, about a week, they are going into the garden.

Like the Forest Dreams, they are out all day, and under lights at night because the groom is now on 12/12 to flower my Sweet Tooth f2 by @@bill cooper

This strain is the autoflowering version of an absolute classic outdoor strain.

Auto Durban Poison

Annother 3 pack from my goodie bag, and again 3 out of 3 have hatched. About day 3

Yes another classic outdoor strain in autoflowering version and I'm really glad to get the chance to try these out.

A sativa dom hybrid with African ancestry

Im putting 2 or 3 autos out every 2 to 4 weeks, to get a spread of harvests (I hope) through the season, to make the most of sun

I'm guessing the autos wont grow too big outside and I have a cunning plan....to use Frisian Ducks to screen the autos.

Frisian Duck

912, the 50l duck is the strongest, she's rampant now that the weather has warmed, I'm very proud of this babe, fat girl, very bushed, Ive amazed myself with this

@@walnutpolecat hi dude good to meet you, thanks for saying you like the diary.

The Ducks have only come on sale this year I think. I started them off sooo long ago! , 15th feb. This is a marathon. I've grown and harvested an auto crop in the same time, but indoors.

I'm looking forward to smoking this too. If the Ducks smoke well then I wouldn't grow anything else in the garden, or in a gorilla plot.

I don't feel any anxiety growing these, (at least in veg stage.) gallery_96585_12382_244901.jpgThey look like any plant, completely normal. I'm really glad I started them and they're nice plants.gallery_96585_12382_141065.jpg

They smell great close up. I dont think they smell from a distance though. Lovely soft vanilla tone, like weed icecream might smell

Im guessing these will be a very popular choice with garden growers this year.

I believe the seed stock has been planned and developed for years, and what a great idea

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glad the ducks are doing well, they took us a few years to stabilise. I'm interested to know how long you think they remain incognito. The blooms swell during September, so thats the time we think they are recognisable as ganja. Who knows, we might have an auto version ready one day ;-) The scent is also light on this variety so she should be easy to hide.

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Hi @@DutchPassionTony, yes, Im willing to bet on the Auto Duck, and I wouldnt expect to see a regs version for good reason!

I really wish the Duck stayed unknown and unrecognised and part of me regrets that I may be hastening the revelation of the Duck by my own enthusiasm. It's development is a coup for DP for sure. Its clever and quite humourous and a great novelty for gardeners.

Around my garden there is a lot of budleiah growing and as the name suggests, it could help to disguise the Duck blooms.

Im trying various ruses to hide the grow. Compost heaps, fencing and other plants and objects can tend to limit peoples' gaze so they miss whats in view. But yes, its always gonna be a worry but much less with the Ducks. If its not a worry till September, thats cool.

Fingers crossed. I have prepped a couple of gorilla type plots capable of sustaining a few plants each. This is where the Forest Dreams and the autos will go.

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Hey thanks to you and your wife for the in depth buzz report on the ANQ!! Sounds like an excellent strain for times when i cant sleep!!

Funny the main reason i try not to cull unless the plant i doing Really poorly, is that some of the most potent smokes i have even grown in 20 years is from runts and mutants. A diminished yield doesn't matter to me(especially in the test garden), its all about high quality smoke.

As for Dp's germ rates i have had the same as you...100% across the board. The auto ultimate is the first DP seed i have had any issues with at all.

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