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His Ted Talk is awesome too. The mushrooms growing from the diesel dirt is astonishing. And fuel made from inoculated corn on the cob? wtf? This dude is a genius and mushrooms really are mind blowing. 



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18 hours ago, Shogun said:


I'll also be avoiding Portobello mushrooms. 


16 hours ago, Jimboo said:


Mushrooms, even common button mushrooms, 



I didn't realize until today that Portobello and Button mushrooms are the same species (Agaricus bisporus), so is chestnut, champignon, cremini and various other mushrooms sold in supermarkets. I'm guessing Staments couldn't talk about why they are bad for you because the industry is so big and powerful.

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There's been some questioning about the way he spoke about this on the Rogan podcast. Mainly because he's spoken at some length previously, and throughout his books/writing about the carcinogenic properties of agarics, particularly uncooked agarics on numerous occasions. He is now heavily involved with the FDA, so that might have made him privy to more information about this, or that his hands are now tied with secrecy agreements etc... I dunno, nobody else seems to either and he isn't speaking about it. There are some people talking about other compounds present in agarics that have had research done on them that has been silenced, but they all end up down the CIA mind control road that is pretty much a dead end.


I personally think that he said what he said because he's concerned about his livelihood, as opposed to his life. Someone, somewhere has threatened to sue the arse out of him if he keeps going on about how bad store bought mushies are for everyone.  

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