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NFT Growers page tips, tricks etc

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Mebbe someone can tell me how to upload the pics I have on my memory card.... Please. I haven't got a working pc at the moment so I'm having to work off me phone

At last I've uploaded some pics...

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Just a tip I have learned over the years with NFT:

Letting roots hang down into the tank is actually pretty good if you have an airstone or air curtain in there bubbling away. It becomes like a hybrid NFT / Bubbler pot system with the best of both worlds, a large root mass that the bubbler system gives and the constant access to nutes that the NFT system gives.

It makes the grow take a little longer but you get bigger plants in my experience.

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On 11/30/2015 at 11:06 PM, GreenVision said:

Of the top of my head I will add one or two notes, tricks of the trade!..

1. Put a level on your tank once its in place, undo the tray blots as mush as you can without the nut coming off, In the early stage offset your top tray to make the water run a little faster down the tray by placing a spacer at the pump end..

2. Using pipe and two 90 degree bends (right angle bends) forget the hole the pump feed tube goes through as this is where that humming comes from. Take the feed tube (needs extending) up and over the top of the root tray (over the top of the hole instead of through it) and put a 90 degree bend in the end so it sits like a bath tap. This way the pump never touch the trays.

3. Keep at least 25cm between the end of the top tray and plants. This helps avoiding roots ending up in the tank.

4. Get two cheap pond thermometers (£2.00 each), place one at the pump and one at the end of the back end of the tank.. This really helps keep a good happy medium temp for roots. Water going into the top tray might be 65f, but going down the tray it cools very quickly.

5. First plant in the tray needs to avoid being directly in front of the pump feed as it gets over watered and stressed.


My roots always grow down into the tank 20 years never bin prob I think they like it 

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@Tim potter each to their own. Personally I didn' like roots sitting a tray of water with no oxygen. Sure it's fine and won't cause a problem. But me personally I like to prevent rather than deal with where possible.


If a grower is using additives to assure nothing can occur then I'm sure there is no need for concern.


The advice was aimed at folks new to NFT that may overlook drowned roots turning bad. Not growers with 20 years NFT growing experience. :yep:

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