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Portable dry herb chamber vape for CBD

Looking for some help in regards to vaping to get CBD

OK so i have a health condition (Chrohns) i find high CBD weed really effective.

At the moment I'm smoking joints i also smoke tobacco i also have access to an Arizer extreme Q .

I want to give up using tobacco completely for obvious reasons,

My only prior experience is using the Arizer desktop vape , which to be honest i personally haven't found as effective as smoking, so here is my main concern

In order to get the CBD to become active i believe the temp has to quiet that bit higher then to get THC off from what i remember CBD doesn't come off till around 200c

is 200c also the starting point of combustion ? there for negating any real health benefits ?....... (I'm hoping this is wrong )

I'm asking because i would like to give vaping another go ,id like to purchase a portable vape ideally one that does dry herb dont want to mess with Butane and i have 0% faith in off the shelf CBD oil

Another issue i had with desktop vape is because i was starting off at high temp 210c it took any taste of the weed out, i suspect because terpenes
burn off at a much lower temp ?

I have since read in specific in relation extreme Q that i may have not been using it properly in respect that i didn't let it potentially heat up enough before using i tended to put herb in put at desired temp usually between 200 -230c leave from a min and turn fan on , i've read its best let it heat up for up 10 min before turning fan on , so I'm in the process of trying that (having to order replacement bags)

I like the idea of getting portable dry herb chamber vape to help give up smoking but obviously i want that to be of some benefit to health and depending on what i find out about it will influence my decision weather to bother investing more in vaping or find another way ?


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