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Chitrali - Hindu Kush

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I finally snagged a few packs of this plant today.  :guitar:


Being so rare, I would hate to lose out.

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Same, I'm glad I got some while it lasted.  Sadly(or not) I have so many landraces to reproduce I'm not sure when I'll get around to Chitrali

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OK...I got 12 Chitrali, 12 Manala and many Manipuri free sample (2017) :


The Chitrali came very soon but of the 12 i germed 6 all good but they all came male ! Bad luck or ?

Of 12 Malana i put 6, all germed, result 3 beautiful fem ( but a tendency to grow very tall) I am just drying them and what a result ! fantastic smell, real himalayan stone, visual and clear..Thanks Namkha

I am outside on a terrace all bio or whatever...

Of the Manipuri I put 3...all germed, all fem but real Sativa flowering real late, one hermied (my fault, some light)

Hope it helps...

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