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eindhoven coffeeshops open again to all (6 month trial) from 15th july

Any chance you can post the article instead of a link please?

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EINDHOVEN ?? From Wednesday, July 15th Foreigners can again go to coffee shops in Eindhoven.

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Then the trial goes without checking in origin, as Mayor Rob Gijzel disclosed. Previously voted politics in the trial of six months. The mayor wanted to consult with police and coffeeshop owners.

Gijzel allows the coffee shops waive checking whether clients are Dutch. Which became mandatory in 2013. But the consequence is that there nuisance created by dealers who need help foreigners to the weed.

From there Gijzel wants to eliminate. Should the inconvenience move to eg schools will take place there enforcement, writes the mayor to the council.

The Ministry of Justice does not advocate dropping the residents control. But at the same time it says that it is a matter for the municipalities

A festive day in Eindhoven: as of today, Belgians, Germans, French and other non-residents as ever welcome in the coffee shops. The big question is when the remaining cities that the ‘foreigner ban’ now also maintain will throw in the towel.

Eindhoven uses a typical polder method to get rid of the residence criterion: a trial period of six months. After this period, which begins today, will be the “trial” are evaluated by not maintaining the criterion.

The list of cities where coffee shops still have to keep foreigners has today become shorter. To our knowledge the I criterion is only actively enforced in Maastricht, Tilburg, Breda, Helmond, Goes, Terneuzen and Vlissingen.

As is known, the criterion I never maintained in border towns like Enschede and Arnhem or in the Randstad. This inequality continues to this day continues in the coffee towns where the foreigner ban still applies and the street dealers turn topwinsten.

Always open to all ages and all drugs

Just as it already abolished ‘Closed Club Criterium “the Deployed Criterion is a drug that is many times worse than the disease. In cities such as Eindhoven, Tilburg and Breda was, after all, hardly any nuisance or other problems by foreign coffee shop visitors. As long as national politics does not abolish the I-criterion, local administrators must take responsibility and refrain from enforcement of this piece counterproductive symbolic politics.

In Eindhoven nonresidents fortunately no longer delivered to the black market (open 24/7, for all drugs and all ages). For the inhabitants of Maastricht, Tilburg, Breda, Helmond, Goes, Terneuzen and Vlissingen is hoped that their drivers will follow the example Eindhoven quickly.

Flyer which is registered today distributed in Eindhoven coffeeshops, united in the VCE

,EINDHOVEN - Who in the Eindhoven coffeeshops weed will buy, will soon no longer need to prove that he lives in this region. Mayor Rob Gijzel wants a trial of six months to stop maintaining this' residence criterion. At that time can be measured or "the cure is worse than the disease," he wrote in a note to the Finance Committee and Board which meets on Tuesday evening.

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Put an end to drug tourism

The criterion was nationwide in 2013 and a year earlier introduced in Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg. The aim was that the coffee shops only sold to Dutch. The government in The Hague was thus put an end to drug tourism. However, the ban was never implemented everywhere wholeheartedly. Municipalities such as Amsterdam were afraid that their tourist attraction was killed. Eindhoven made agreements with coffee shop owners to do meet the requirements.

Criterion is not maintained

Those operators have however returned to them. They have indicated that they feel disadvantaged by not enforced elsewhere. This is seen as' great inequality. Even in politics there were questions about the state of affairs, including the VVD. But Van Gijzel promised the Christian Union faction to change anything without a thorough evaluation. Who is there now.

From a small survey of the city of Eindhoven in 19 municipalities showed last year that eleven residents not maintained the criterion, including Heerlen, Venlo, Roermond and Arnhem. From nationwide survey showed that 85 percent of the foreigners still could come to coffeeshops. Most of the municipalities did not check on that.

Former Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten wrote about last October that he thinks all municipalities include the criterion in their policy. But enforcement, he noted that it is a question of 'local solutions' between public prosecutors, police and the mayor.

Itinerant revitalized

Moreover, according to Van Gijzel On top of that the marketing ban on foreigners street trade has blossomed again. Drug Runners from Eindhoven buy the weed and sell them on the street to tourists. That leads to nuisance and street crime.

Reason enough for the mayor to stop provisionally maintaining the rule residents. Gijzel wants half a year to look at what effect it has. Thereafter, there is evaluated.

Research experiment legalizing cannabis cultivation

From Tuesday Gijzel also explains the state of the trial to grow legalized hemp and as organized crime to take the wind out of the sails. Despite the rural refusal to cooperate with the legalization of the cultivation, wants the Eindhoven Mayor continue investigating such an experiment. There are however quite a few snags on to: international, national and local regulations prohibit by government-controlled cannabis cultivation.

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