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Newbie super lemon haze, LST, super cropped

Hey I'm a newbie at this so think at looking at my plants I've had beginners luck haha, smoked the best dam haze and uk cheese for over 15 years never really had anywhere to grow so when the opportunity came along I got myself a 2.4 x 1.2 x 2 , filled it with 8 cuttings 1st generation super lemon haze under 2 standard 600w, 2 weeks in I hit temps of 46, plants looking like strings of piss DEFO thought they were gonners, got cool tube lights with a big arse fan sucking across them and also a air cooler which is filled with ice and water to get my temps to 27, for,my flowering stage which now have been on for 4 weeks and looking very healthy , i veg for 5 weeks using 40 ml a&b canna-10 ltr - I LST'd at week 1 to week 3 , then super cropped week 3-5 , all looking very well, just started bloombastic 5ml -10 ltr ,

Could do with any more tips , someone said molasses or black treacle , which I've read about , is this any good ?

Nice one

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dont overcomplicate, feed em low and keep em healthy......SLH likes a LONG flower to get the best of them, id expect at LEAST you let them go to 11 or 12 weeks as they are different plants when left to run.......other than that, not very heavy feeders until last weeks of flower, they can stretch like mad, ermmm thats it.

Great plant! ONly GHS stuff worth buying, but you will get LOTS of phenos, most lovely but whatever you do let them flower for 11-13 weeks at least.

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