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Vegging in greenhouse, flowering in loft for security.

Hello and thank you for tuning in.

If someone was growing 6 plants in their greenhouse when living next door but one to a police officer would they be stupid to finish the plants in a 6x4 tent in his loft?

His other neighbours saw him training the plants last week and haven't spoken to him since. The plants stink real good during the day when people are in gardens and it is an obvious smell in the wind.

He recently bought a 600w hps kit, 6" fan with carbon filter, essentials, mylar, ducktape and timber for his frame.

His plan was to build a 6x4ft frame, floor to ceiling then sit back and watch but on the day he started building he got a phone call saying his new boiler will be fitted along with his new loft insulation. He does not have a date of completion yet so obviously now he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

His plants mean a lot to him but his family mean more.

The plants are 3 fem super skunk#1, 2 fem northern lights and 1 reg afgan. He bought the 3 skunk because it is an easy strain for first timers and the others came free.

5 of the plants are about 4ft high 2ft wide and 1 skunk was topped on the first node as an experiment and is now roughly 2ft squared. As I said earlier, they stink real good during warm weather, which has been quite regularly in his area.

The plants need to be moved or risk him getting caught. He has 2 options, give the plants away or wait until the work inside the loft is complete to hide and start flowering.

The plants are beautiful and were germinated on the 21st of April. They are 4 days into their 7th week and look ready for 12/12

They have only been fed organic liquid seaweed and 2 drinks of homemade stinging nettle water.

Because he didn't have enough knowledge of stinging nettle water he took it away and has only fed Doff Organic Liquid Seaweed. Will this be enough through flowering stage?

Basically he is looking for advice/opinions on what to do with the plants?

Thank you in advance


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Hi mate and welcome, you should get him to come on here and get some advice...... :rofl: ......Sorry couldn't resist,

I would be very concerned if anyone, much less one in uniform, could get the slightest whiff, so my advice would be to get rid, maybe consider a guerilla grow if poss.

The other problem with transferring from greenhouse to growroom are the myriad of beasties you could well be taking with you.


stu :oldtoker:

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This is 100 % true ..

down to unavoidable circumstances i have contact on occasion with a man in blue

A conversation along these lines cropped up along the similar lines to yours

He said " last thing anyone in my job wants is a crime in your road "

His reasons .. all the local cops wonder how you can afford to live where you are ..plus they question how you missed it for so long ?

He quoted how a fellow cop had a grow busted adjacent to him and it ran for a couple of years ..his nickname at the station was now clueso

And the final comment tells you everything ....

Crime in your road can have a bearing on selling your house !!



Edited by arthur lee
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throw them in a box drive out into the countryside and plant them somewhere would be my advice or rig up something temporary indoors in a room the boiler fitter doesn't need access to, A BIG cardboard box from the skips behind currys or the like will make a fine temp home

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Thank you all.

@@stu914 guerilla grow was his first idea but maybe the paranoia of living so close to a police officer has taken over because even though he has an abundance of farmers fields and woodlands, none of them are good enough for his girls.

He checks everyday for pests and sprays when needed. He also has 2 ladybird friends inside the greenhouse which help massively.

@@arthur lee I'm guessing the police officer can't smell his daily smoke but the risk of a grow being found is getting bigger everyday.

Your caution has definitely been taken on board but the thought of a quick flower and harvest is still playing on his mind.

@@distracted the loft is the only place out of sight but he has everything needed for a grow tent and will only need the tent for flowering and drying out. He will only be doing 1 grow a year for personal use but will probably be looking to move house before his next grow.

He cannot find a suitable guerilla grow spot so is tempted to wait it out in the greenhouse until the loft is free. He should find out when and how long the boiler fitter will be by the end of the week.

Thank you all, if I don't reply with an update by the end of the week..... he may have been pinched.

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The coast is clear to build the tent in the loft this weekend but he is getting a bit worried about stressing the plants when bringing them indoors. Has anyone ever done this? He knows bugs will need to be kept on top of but is there anything else he needs to take into account, ie weening the plants into 12/12?

Also he has decided to only use bat guano and mollasse through flowering. Would this be enough?

Let's hope todays discussion about decriminalisation in the house of lords bring good news.

Thank you.

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Bring them in and flip them to 12/12, you need to buy some cannabis nutrients ideally to get the N P K balance right as they grow, you can use guano but you need to learn what your plants need as well as guano, for a first grow go with the composts own nutrients and some cannabis specific nutes, also loose the "he" pretence we all grow weed too!

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throw them in a box drive out into the countryside and plant them somewhere would be my advice or rig up something temporary indoors in a room the boiler fitter doesn't need access to, A BIG cardboard box from the skips behind currys or the like will make a fine temp home

well im my humble opinion he need to do what this guy is saying as if he drops them in the wood ect in random places then he might at least crop one of the girl and one girl dry is better then a hoilday in HMP


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Get some proper bloom nutes man, they will cost 10-20 quid but will be money well spent.

Get those girls inside asap and just go straight to 12/12 they will be fine.

Some sticky fly pads to hang in your flower tent will help with any nasties you bring in. Just keep a close eye for red spider mite, they can really fuck things up

Good luck


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I think you answered your own question. If your family mean more and there's a chance of any hassle then I know what I'd do. Get rid of GG.

The only thing that's criminal is that none of us are supposed to be doing any of this. The fact that so many produce for their own private consumption makes an ass of the law. Most coppers wouldn't bother but as previous posters suggest the cop on your street also had a career and his own reputation to uphold. Even though a probable majority of cops wouldn't want to waste their time with it, he couldn't be seen to be turning a blind eye on his own street.

What was the discussion in the House of Lords then?

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