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Need some help planning my 2015 outdoor/greenhouse grow :)

Hi all, I'm currently planning my outdoor grow for the 2015 season

Im going to grow 4 plants, these are the strains I already have: 2x Autofrisian DewThese are the old, non purple phenos.

1x Incredible Bulk by Dr Krippling

I am undecided on the final strain, I was thinking about a Passion #1 as they supposedly do very well in the UKs climate. I am open to suggestions on another strain I should grow, if any of you guys have any input on my genetics choice I would appreciate it!

I was originally planning on growing these just in my back garden, outside, but realised that I could grow them in my greenhouse instead. What would be the pros and cons of each option? I could always do say 2 in the greenhouse and 2 in the garden if one of the strains is better off in a particular environment. Also, how big do you think these girls are going to get? As in would I be able to fit 2 or maybe 3 in my greenhouse, considering its about 2.5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.

I found a grow journal from 2008 that uses Passion #1s and is in a greenhouse in the UK, I love how well it turned out, what do you think about me copying the scrog set up he has, but with only 1 or 2 plants? would it be worth it?

I have bought and am planning to use the following nutrients for my grow (all organic):

BioBizz Bio-Grow

BioBizz Gio-Bloom

BioBizz Top-Max

I have yet to buy my soil (I'm planning to grow these in pots, unless you guys suggest otherwise), I was thinking about getting the BioBizz All-Mix or Light-Mix, do you guys recommend any particular brand of soil, bearing in mind what nutrients I'm using etc.

or should I save my limited money and just get ordinary soil, with maybe some perlite mixed in.

What do you guys think of my plan? I'd love any suggestions/improvements from growers experienced with growing outdoors/in a greenhouse in the UK. I've only grown one plant before, an auto flower that went ok I guess considering it was very poorly treated, I've learned a lottttt since then.

I've also just finished reading a grow book, its called Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Cultivation: Trees of Life at the University of London So I've picked up a lot of information from that, and recommend it to everyone!


P.S My Latitude is 51.9 if that helps..

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Have a read of this http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=344509 . He did really well last season , the only thing to factor in with a greenhouse is humidity . Your greenhouse needs to be well vented come sep/oct time . Good luck mate

Thanks dude had a look through, I'll be sure to watch out for humidity :) Think I'm gonna go for an easy sativa.. not sure though :)

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Durban Poison by Dutch passion would be a better call than easy sats , At lat 52 you should be able to grow that outdoors never mind in your greenhouse . Is your GH south facing ? how any hours of sun light does it get in the summer ? you can also have a look in the strains uk thread .


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